WATCH: Transgender man writes powerful letter to pre-transition self

“You’re not weird, you’re not a freak, you’re transgender.”

Those are some of the words contained in an emotional letter a transgender man wrote to his pre-transition self.

In the powerful video, Jamie Raines reads the letter he wrote to himself as he was before his transition in the hope that he can help others going through similar journeys.

“Pretty soon, you’re going to realise something big about yourself,” he says. “And it will change your life forever.”

Raines says he watched a documentary which helped him figure out his transgender status.

He says it was “terrifying” for him to come out, especially to his family, but that he felt relieved afterwards.

“I know that you’re currently going through a really tough time,” he continues. “But you’ll get through it.”

He finishes with: “One day, you’ll be really proud of who you are.”

“I hope it just portrays a very honest experience of transitioning ― the ups and the downs that go with it and how things can really get better with time,” Raines told The Huffington Post.

“It would also be great if even just some of the advice I would have given my pre-transition self can help some people who are figuring out their identity, or who are in the early stages of their transition.”

Hear the transgender man’s powerful letter below:

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