WATCH: Tom Daley And Dustin Lance Black’s Wedding

Daley and Black wedding

British diver Tom Daley and his Oscar-winning filmmaker husband, Dustin Lance Black have released a beautiful video commemorating their May wedding at Bovey Castle in England.

The couple wed at Bovey Castle in Devon, England in May, and their wedding video shows the couple enjoying the beautiful scenery, preparing for their ceremony and exchanging vows in front of friends and family.

Daley and Black also open up about how they met, with Daley recalling that “things suddenly and massively changed” for him within the first few minutes of converstion with his future husband.

“I fell in love. Every single part of him, the way he thinks, the way he acts and everything that he does just makes me fall in love with him every single day more and more,” he said.

Black explained: “I knew I’d met my match. I’d met someone who could inspire me, someone who I could admire, but also somebody who would naturally be my best friend.

“It didn’t hurt that he was incredibly cute and charismatic and didn’t let me get away with a thing.”

Daley said the revenue from the YouTube video would be donated to LGBTI charities.

“We know our wedding was only possible thanks to the brave work of countless people for generations before us,” he said.

“In that tradition, we will donate any revenue from this video to the LGBT+ Switchboard and It Gets Better in hopes of making things even better for future generations.”

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