WATCH: Comedian Zings Turnbull On Marriage Equality

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

Comedian Rhys Nicholson appeared on The Project last night to discuss “ginger sperm” and fired a barb at Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on the issue of marriage equality.

Turnbull was on the panel of the Channel Ten show when they crossed to the 27-year-old comedian for his take on news that sperm donation companies are calling for more specimens from redhead men in response to demand from women wanting ginger-haired children.

Co-host Matt White quizzed Nicholson on whether he’s a real redhead, to which Rhys replied: “What, are you accusing me of doing some sort of redface?”

As proof, a childhood photo of Rhys flashed up on the screen, as Rhys cringed. He was then asked his thoughts on the reported “redhead revival”.

“If someone had told me today that at some point I’d be talking on national television to the Prime Minister about ginger sperm, yeah, I’d say things have changed,” he quipped.

Co-host Rachel Corbett then asked him about the appropriateness of the nicknames redhead people usually get, to which Rhys replied: “I’m all about the nicknames, I think it’s all about ownership.

“The main thing is you don’t want anyone to be treated differently about something they can’t change about themselves. Like, for example, marriage rights, or something.”

Watch the exchange below:

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