WATCH: Warwick Rowers New Nude Male Calendar

Warwick Rowers nude male nude calendar

The British Warwick Rowers recently posted a trailer for their newest nude male fundraising calendar.

The multi-award-winning team produced their very first nude calendar in 2009. Then, it raised money for their team. Afterward the team dedicated the proceeds of the calendar to fundraising against homophobia and bullying.


Since then, the annual calendar achieved global recognition as a fundraising initiative and a public awareness campaign.

In 2017, the Warwick Rowers send their calendars and associated products to around 80 countries every year.  Additionally, they reach more than 140 countries through viral messaging.

The nude male calendar has won a large number of awards for excellence, innovation and social impact. Also, it was twice voted the UK Charity Calendar of the Year.

Through the success of the nude calendar,  the team funded the development of Sport Allies. Sports Allies aims to make team sport more inclusive, especially for LGBTI young people affected by homophobia and bullying.

To promote the cause, the boys march in Pride parades around the UK.

The  project is one of the world’s most eye-catching straight ally projects.

Its influence continues to grow.

Now, Sport Allies, the charity they set up and continue to fund, is a registered charity.

The charity will soon launch a serious academic report on homophobia and gender inequality.

This extraordinary story of ground level activism captured the imagination and support of millions around the world.

Watch the  teaser video below:

YouTube Ban on Nude Male Calendar vid


At one stage, YouTube banned the above video. However, after the Warwick Rowers disputed the ban, YouTube subsequently reinstated the video.

The Warwick Rowers immediately issued a statement.

“Several years ago, the plucky Warwick Rowers were thrown off Google Checkout’s payment processing service without notice. A decision upheld on appeal, on the grounds that the Warwick Rowers are pornographers.

“Today, in a similar vein, YouTube decided that the rowers’ public awareness campaign aimed at promoting greater tolerance among young people is unsuitable for, uh, young people.

“Way to go, Google!

“Bizarrely, Google were a lot more relaxed only a few days ago when the Warwick Rowers reported that a Google user was illegally sharing their charity fundraising content.

“Google twice rejected the Warwick Rowers appeal for help, before shutting up shop for the weekend with the content still available. They did not manage to respond effectively until after the rowers threatened legal action against the corporation.”

To see more of the Warwick Rowers, follow the Warwick Rowers on Snapchat (at Warwick_Rowers), Instagram and Facebook, and visit their website here.

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