Watch: The latest trailer for the Sex and the City reboot is here

Sex and the City Just Like That Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis, Samantha Jones, Michael Patrick King

The first teaser trailer for And Just Like That the Sex and the City reboot has landed.

With rumours swirling about the show, fans are thrilled at their first sneak peek.

If this is anything to go by, the reboot looks set to kick off perfectly.

And Just Like That, a new story in a new time

In October it was reported that the reboot would air in December 2021.

After dropping the new trailer it has now been confirmed the program will debut on December 9 2021.

To coincide with the announcement a 30-second teaser has been dropped revealing a lot of little details.

Officially titled And Just Like That: A New Chapter of Sex and The City it sets the scene well.

Whilst still set amongst the high fashion glamour of New York City, there’s an air that the program has in fact aged with it’s stars.

The program has been marketed as a shift for it’s leading ladies to focus on women living in their 50’s in modern New York, rather than desperately trying to retain their youth.

A direction the teaser hints is sitting well for the program.

What do we know about the new show?

There’s a lot of information packed into the 30-second trailer.

While it may not reveal particular plot points it serves to set the tone and tell us where some of our favourite characters are in the modern story.

The opening seconds make it clear that our 3 stars have aged and thankfully there’s no attempt to hide it.

As Miranda Hobbes, Cynthia Nixons trademark fiery red hair is giving way to a beautifully gracefully greyer transition.

Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw seems to be embracing her changing looks with confidence.

Kristin Davis as Charlotte York however is obviously chugging unicorn blood and hasn’t aged a day.

Not that we’re here to judge the ladies on their looks, but it’s interesting to see the changes that have taken place over time.

Sweeping shots of New York and a Carrie Bradshaw narration let us know that the city itself hasn’t changed, but we start to see a glimpse of things that have for our stars.

The trailer is peppered with shots of the three ladies together.

From arriving at a restaurant, to enjoying a picnic in the park, walking the street or smiling in the crowd the solidarity of the three is cemented firmly and repeatedly.

But one thing is clear, definitely no Samantha.

Carrie Bradshaw

A steady shot of a recording studio shows Carrie Bradshaw working on her podcast with her newest friends.

As usual, she continues to narrate the story.

Standing in the kitchen Carrie embraces big, wedding ring still visible.

Despite rumours the on screen couple may finally be calling it quits, this suggests otherwise.

Little else is given away about the leading lady or her relationship in this short preview.

Charlotte York

Charlotte enters what looks like her original apartment, with the same vase of flowers from almost 20 years ago.

For Charlotte, it feels like things have changed the least.

Harry, her adoring husband appears dutifully in shots beside and behind her.

As the two devoted parents sit and watch we see a much older Lily performing gracefully on stage in a dance performance.

Notably beside Charlotte sits what can only be Rose, their youngest daughter, looking far different than expected.

With straight dark hair Rose is wearing a t-shirt adorned with a tuxedo print.

Is this symbolising a rebellious teenager or perhaps a modern take on gender and identity expression?

The choice of that image juxtaposed against the prestige life of Charlotte seems deliberate and telling.

Miranda Hobbes

Arguably two of our favourite things about Miranda were her husband Steve and son Brady.

When we left off Steve and Miranda had pieced their relationship together and Brady was still only young.

A fleeting shot shows a much taller and much older Brady embracing both his parents in what may be a high school or college graduation scene.

However as all three are dressed in black, may indicate a funeral for the family.

Both actresses who played babysitter Magda and Steves mother have since passed away, this could also be a seen to farewell one of these characters from the program.

Miranda continues to look relaxed, wound down even.

A show in the subway shows her carrying a back pack, a stark contrast to the briefcase-carrying powerhouse she used to be.

And Just Like That, old friends return

Despite his death earlier this year, Willie Garson who affectionately played the shows leading gay Stanford Blatch remains in the teaser.

Garson filmed his role before his death, it is unclear how this will play out if a second season returns.

Mario Cantone who played Anthony Marentino, husband to Standford is spotted in a separate shot on his own.

Sporting an apron labelled “Hot Fellas”  Anthony stands outside of what appears to be a bakery talking to Charlotte.

Looking terse, with a muscled man inside in the background this could be spelling the end for the Blanch/Marentino marriage.

However Anthony is later spotted in the trailer at breakfast with the girls.

In a seat that would otherwise have been occupied by the now absent Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall) the girls can be scene laughing as he animatedly tells a story.

Is Anthony Marentino the new Samantha?

Spotted throughout the trailer are also a sprinkling of new friends with the leading ladies.

At least six different faces of varying ages and ethnicities are seen talking, laughing, eating or walking with the three stars.

This new trailer looks to be everything we needed in a Sex and The City Revival.

And Just Like That is the one reboot we hope they get right.

Watch the full teaser in the video below.


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