WATCH: Stephen Colbert Roasts Bob Katter’s Take On Same-Sex Marriage

US talk show host Stephen Colbert has weighed in on North Queensland MP Bob Katter’s strange response to the same-sex marriage postal survey result.

In a segment on The Late Show, Colbert congratulated Australia for the 61 per cent majority result.

Colbert then played the viral clip of Katter, who offered up his take on the issue at a press conference last week.

“I want to warn you, the clip you’re about to see contains extreme levels of Australian-ness,” Colbert told his audience.

In the video, Katter starts by jovially saying “people are entitled to their sexual proclivities” but in a split second pivots aggressively to talking about “people being torn to pieces by crocodiles” in North Queensland.

An amused Colbert responds by saying, “Wow, that was an abrupt left turn right there.

“I can’t wait to hear Katter weigh in on gay adoptions.

“‘I mean, people are entitled to the joy and laughter of children, I say live and let live. But who cares, because in the meantime, every five minutes gangs of kangaroos and dingoes are chewing your grandpa’s face off.'”

Watch below:

Jordan Hirst

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