WATCH: Son Comes Out To His Dad On Facebook In Beautiful New Ad

Dad Son Coming Out On Facebook Ad

A heart-warming new ad by Filipino telco Smart Communications tells the story of a father who wants to be friends with his son on Facebook, but the son hasn’t yet come out to his family.

Gay man Kevin receives a Facebook friend request from his father, but he doesn’t respond.

Later, at a family lunch Kevin’s dad reminds him again in front of everyone: “Why haven’t you accepted my friend request?”

Kevin doesn’t reply, but as he scrolls through his phone we see it’s because his Facebook page is filled with photos of him and his boyfriend.

When he takes a chance and “Confirms” the friend request, he sends a text to his father to let him know he’s accepted him, and his father replies: “Son, so have I.”

“Break barriers for new beginnings,” the ad says.

Watch the original ad on YouTube here, or with English subtitles below:

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