WATCH: Sharon Strzelecki returns to salute our healthcare heroes

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Magda Szubanski’s iconic netball player Sharon Strzelecki has broken out her best moves to salute the nation’s healthcare workers in a funny music video.

Comedian Magda Szubanski has brought back her iconic character to sing an adapted version of Soft Cell’s “Tainted Love”. In the video she’s flanked by backup dancers from Melbourne’s Footscray Hospital, Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital and Ambulance Victoria.


Magda who uploaded the two minute “ISO dance with Sharon and the Health Care Workers” to her social media on Monday.

In the video’s caption, she describes the healthcare heroes as “noice, strong, courageous.”

“A special Sharon shout out to all our healthcare workers, on the frontline and behind the scenes,” she wrote.

“To paraphrase Sir Elton John: ‘I know it’s not much, but it’s the best I can do. My gift is my dance and… this one’s for you.'”

Sharon sings in the adapted lyrics, “Sometimes I feel I’ve got to run away. I’ve got to get away from the bugs you drive into the heart of me.

“The germs you share seem to go everywhere. I don’t think its noice because then I toss and turn and I can’t sleep at night.

She continues, “Don’t touch me please, I’m so scared of the way you sneeze. I loved you though you hurt me so but I’m just going to take my thermometer and go.

“Don’t touch me baby, covid bug.”

Magda Szubanski writing children’s books while in isolation

We most recently saw Sharon Strzelecki in her Uber Eats ad with Kim Kardashian last November.

Earlier this month, Magda Szubanski shared she’s spending her time in isolation writing her new series of children’s books.

The Aussie comedian recently released the first in the series called Timmy the Ticked-Off Pony.


Magda explained she’s having an easier time adapting to self-isolation than many of us.

“It’s not that hard for me, I’m much more introverted than people think. I work from home a lot more anyway, so it’s sort of not that different,” Szubanski said.

“That said, everything has changed. I can feel it with the neighbours. There’s tension but everyone is really trying to reach out to one another and act more tolerant and forgiving and understanding.

“It’s causing everyone to be extremely resourceful, but also I think we have to check in with our feelings.”

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