WATCH: Self-described ‘butch’ lesbians bust myths about sex lives

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A group of self-identified “butch” lesbians have opened up about their sex lives in order to challenge myths about their sexuality in a new video by YouTuber Arielle Scarcella.

In the video, the women said people assume that because they look masculine they must always want to be the dominant partner.

“Most people view butches as the giver and never the receiver,” one “soft butch” explained.

“I don’t think that’s true. I’m versatile. I’d probably be the one to initiate and start everything and would probably take care of her first. But then it’s my turn, and usually if I don’t get it, I get upset!”

Another woman says she likes “to be taken control of in the bedroom.”

“I find that attractive. Not all the time, but I do like it. It seems like I would be more dominant in the bedroom — which for the most part I am — but I do like it the other way around. Surprise!” she says.

The ladies said they think stereotypical gender roles are the likely source of most of the misconceptions about their love lives.

“People think we want to be men, and they just kind of put us in that box, like, ‘Oh that’s the man and that’s the woman.’ Masculinity doesn’t equal dominance,” one of the women said.

Another explained: “They try to compare us to heterosexual relationships and that’s the first image they get when they see a stud, or a butch, or a masculine woman… You can’t ever assume, because everybody’s different.”

Watch the video below:

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