WATCH: Scotsmen, Kilts And Yoga A Very Cheeky Mix!

Have you ever wondered about the age-old question: What do Scotsmen wear under their kilts?

Well, you need wonder no more – all is revealed in a cheeky video featuring Finlay Wilson, a Dundee-based forest yoga instructor, and friend Tristan Cameron-Harper, a former professional ice hockey player and former Mr Scotland.


Since being posted to Facebook, the video filmed in the Perthshire forest has been viewed more than 40 million times.

The one-minute clip shows the two buff men moving with grace and dexterity as they contort their bodies into complicated yoga positions among forest trees and rushing streams.

Wilson told the Scottish Sun he began doing yoga after leg surgery left him with excruciating leg and back pain.

After struggling to find the right kind of yoga, he decided to become a teacher himself, eventually creating kilted yoga.

The video ends with a cheeky shot of the pair doing a headstand … the result of which is clear for all to see!

Wilson, 30, said: “Apparently there is something about the recipe of beards, kilts, butts and the Scottish highlands that just works.”

That certainly seems to be the case with a multitude of people on social media expressing a new-found interest in kilted yoga – or at least in the fine form(s) displayed by the practitioners!