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Ruby Rose has been recognised with one of Hollywood’s most prestigious LGBTI awards at the GLAAD Media Awards.

Ruby’s friend Taylor Swift presented her with the Stephen F Kolzak award, a gong given to a media personality who has made a “significant difference in promoting equality and acceptance for the community,” something Ruby says she has been fighting for most of her teen and adult life.

“For such a large part of my life, I just wanted to be invisible. I felt there was so much wrong with me, so much weird about me,” Ruby said, in her confident, entertaining and well-received acceptance speech at the ceremony on April 2.

“I was out from the age of 12 and felt discomfort in anything feminine,” Ruby continued, also mentioning her tough childhood as a young lesbian girl.

“I practiced looking like a boy and was appalled when I got breasts. I spent a lot of time in a very vulnerable place with little to no support.”

Ruby continued: “I dreamt of being a famous singer or an actor who, through my work, could inspire others to be themselves. I had no idea how I dreamed so big when I felt so small, but I know it got me through each day. I wanted to be the person I couldn’t find in my life.”

She did eventually find queer characters she could relate to, first on a “terrible” Australian soap-opera and then later on TV series The L Word.

“That show was my first religious experience. The L Word made me feel like I existed, and probably saved my life,” she said.

“Slowly but surely, I watched the world change. GLAAD was there, pushing the film studios to do better in their portrayal of LGBT people.

“I’m just so blessed to have experienced both sides of this journey. To have searched endlessly for someone I can relate to on TV and then coming full circle and being in [Orange is the New Black] that I know has done the same thing for so many people.”

Other big winners at the GLAAD ceremony were Australian singer Troye Sivan, Demi Lovato, Caitlyn Jenner and The Matrix filmmaker Lilly Wachowski.

See photos from the GLAAD Media Awards below:

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