Watch: Revry your free LGBTQIA+ Streaming service, now in Australia


Revry is the newest LGBTQIA+ streaming service created for our community.

Now Revry is available worldwide, including in Australia, for free.

Michael James sat down to chat with Revry cofounder Damian Pelliccione to find out all about Revry and where we can watch it.

Revry: An LGBTQIA+ Streaming service for everyone

As co-founder of Revry Damian Peeliccione is excited about everything the service has to offer.

“Revry is now the world’s largest LGBTQ television streaming network,” they say.

It’s been just over five years since the idea came together with Damian and their team.

“Myself and three other co-founders Alia J. Daniels (our COO),  LaShawn McGhee (Our chief product officer), Christopher Rodriguez, (our chief business officer) started this business in my living room in 2016.”

“We had a big idea to kind of create a version of Netflix or Hulu or Amazon or any of the other major streamers, specific to our community.”

With their collective experiences, the vision wasn’t just to make a queer streaming service. The group wanted to bring content to the world that reflected everyone in our community.

“Collectively the four founders actually represent, I identify as non-binary so I use they/them pronouns. So collectively we represent non-binary, immigrant, LGBTQ, Ally, African American, Women, Army Veteran, and Hispanic communities and we’re all four equal co-founders of what Revry is today.”

Opening the door for Revry

So what did it take to get Revry started?

“It takes passion” Damian enthuses.

“I always say that passion fuels innovation. The big inspiration for me was Apple, to be completely frank.”

“I was in Amsterdam working for a German company and I was watching the keynote.”

“A big lightbulb went off when they introduced a newer version of the Apple TV, this was in 2015.”

This announcement proved to be a catalyst that would open the door for Revry in a way that had not been possible before.

“The Apple TV had already been around. But now they’d created its own operating system called TVOs. This was kind of based on iOs where developers and engineers like ourselves could create applications for the living room big screen set.”

With the changes to the Apple TV parameters, Damian and the team saw their chance.

“So the barrier to entry was gone so it was actually about ‘oh can we actually succeed and make this work?'”

“So you raise some money, you launch. We actually launched when I was in Australia in Mardi Gras for my Birthday.”

Before they knew it Revry was an entity available on devices around the world.

“We’re on any connected TV or over the top television device, anything you stream with at home you can find Revry.”

What can we expect to see on Revry?

The most important part about Revry is of course, what we get to watch.

Damian and their team have ensured there’s something for everyone on the platform.

“We have everything like comedy specials. From Bob The Drag Queen and Trixie Mattel to the most amazing queer female lesbian love stories like Strut. Or Queerencia which is an indigenous Canadian love story.”

Most importantly however is the diversity of content that Revry has on offer.

“We have big variety shows like House of Pride. Which had over 40 different amazing intersectional BIPOC and LGBTQ performers from voguers to singers to dancers, it just spans the globe.”

The content on Revry is special in that it is not only about being diverse and inclusive but representing all aspects of queer culture. Revry is using its platform to share stories from all parts of our community globally.

“One of the things that I think really excites me about our content and our original content specifically is that we are trying to uplift the culture of queer.”

“The culture of queer and the culture of queer as we know it is not one sexual identity, not one race, not one language not one gender orientation.”

“It spans so much. So Revry is leading the charge as the only LGBTQ streaming service that is functioning globally to show all aspects and all walks of life in our community.”

Where can we watch Revry?

From an idea in 2016 Revry is now available anywhere worldwide.

“You can get it everywhere, from the Apple TV store to your Samsung television, go to the website or download the app on your device.”

Damian and his team even managed to strike a deal that now finds Revry installed on new Samsung TVs.

“Revry actually has the first LGBTQ broadcast channel in Australia via Samsung TV plus.”

“We launched last year and we’re going to be announcing and launching this soon in New Zealand too.”

What does Revry cost?

The core content on Revry is free and accessible for all, without any sign-up required.

“It’s all free, well not all, but 50 – 60%  of our content is completely free. Meaning that you don’t even have to give us your email.”

There are no free trials, no handing over credit card details, or complicated processes they emphasize.

“You don’t have to register you can just start watching.”

Whilst there is plenty of content there are also options to subscribe for more content and fewer commercials.

“We do have a subscription side too.”

“The subscription side gives you access to longer-form content and a bigger pool of content with no commercial watching. That is only $6.99 AUD.”

The defining factor for Damian was the ability to make queer content accessible and available to our community. By removing financial barriers they have created a product that truly is available for everyone.

“One of the biggest things we wanted to express with Revry was that no matter your socio-economic background, we wanted to make sure that this content was available to everyone in our community.”

To watch Revry you can head to or download the Revry app to your Apple Tv, phone or device.

Watch the full interview with Damian Peeliccione below.

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