WATCH: Queensland Couple Share Their Outback Wedding Ceremony

As the marriage equality debate continues across the country, Brisbane couple Luke Murray and Eric Hofmeister decided they weren’t going to wait any longer.

The couple tied the knot last month in front of more than 100 family and friends at a heartfelt ceremony on the shores of Lake Leslie, located west of the regional town of Warwick.

“Everything was conducted as it would be normally, it was performed like a wedding. We had a friend who conducted the ceremony,” Luke said.

“If marriage equality had passed prior to this, we would have gotten it certified. Unfortunately, the law didn’t change.

“Eric and I live like any other couple. At the moment it’s just the legal piece of paper, that’s all that’s missing.”

Family and friends flew in from around the world to watch the ceremony, which the couple held just a few days after their third anniversary last month.

The couple said they chose the regional location, a two hour drive from Brisbane, after travelling there on a recent road trip and they wanted to thank the local community for their warm welcome and support.

Eric said they’re both confident that the same-sex marriage postal survey will return a “yes” vote in November.

He said some of the advertising he’d seen from the “no” campaign had definitely caused “a lot of unnecessary hurt”.

“I think what it comes down to is it’s not a religious debate. People need to get their head out of it,” he said.

The couple have uploaded a beautiful video featuring highlights of their outback ceremony. Watch it below:

(Top photo by Nelly’s Photography)

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