WATCH: Netflix’s ‘Good Kisser’ features lesbian love triangle

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A lesbian couple open their relationship to a third in the unapologetically sexual new Netflix film Good Kisser.

The film takes place over a single night and sees couple Kate and Jenna spicing up their relationship by planning a date with the enchanting Mia.

After some alcohol, palm reading, and heavy foreplay, the evening seems to proceed nicely.

However, when sparks fly it becomes clear everybody came with completely different expectations for the evening.

Queer filmmaker Wendy Jo Carlton wrote and directed Good Kisser. She said she wanted to tell a more nuanced and authentic story of three queer women with Good Kisser.

“I haven’t seen many stories of adult queer women where they are involved in love affairs — and enjoying sex — without the story being politicized,” she told Xtra.

“This story isn’t about coming out, and it’s also not about finding ‘the one.’

“I know from my own experience there’s much more variety to life than that.

“I also wanted to portray a lesbian character who’s learning to trust herself and work through her self-esteem issues.”

Carlton said she wanted to “write lesbian characters who are unapologetically enjoying sex.”

“Women in general tend to be shamed or discouraged from expressing or enjoying sexual attraction and chemistry,” she said.

“I think it’s powerful within our patriarchal world to keep representing female characters as something other than sexual objects or desexualised beings.

“Representation of lesbians aligns with these stereotypes because it [often] isn’t lesbian filmmakers creating the characters.”

Good Kisser is now streaming on Netflix in Australia. The film is also available on-demand. Watch the trailer below:

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