Netflix Brazil Honours Its LGBTI Subscribers

A moving video released by Netflix Brazil during the country’s Pride Week honours the streaming service’s LGBTI subscribers.

In the video, a number of Brazilian LGBTI individuals and couples pose in front of projections spruiking LGBT-inclusive Netflix shows like Sense8, Orange is the New Black and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.


The video’s participants explain the importance of seeing queer people like themselves represented on TV.

“When you have a complete character who happens to be trans or happens to be gay, it reminds everyone that these people are human beings,” Gabi, a Brazilian trans woman, explains.

Brazil just celebrated its largest ever gay pride parade, with over 2 million people taking to the streets last weekend.

But LGBTI rights organisations report the country is still plagued by homophobic and transphobic violence.

“I know what I had to go through for me to feel comfortable being here, recording this video, going out with my boyfriend in public,” one Brazilian man says in the video.

“I always say: people have to see, they have to know. There are lots of gays in the world. And not just a few!”

Another adds: “I think it’s easier for people to accept others in fiction than in real life. But even when I suffer prejudice on a daily basis, today I can handle it with more tranquility.”

Watch the video, subtitled in English, below:

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