WATCH: Stripping Water Skier disrobes at speed

viral video stripping water skier

A viral video of a stripping water skier somehow taking off (most of) his clothes while skiing on bare feet at speed down a river has done the rounds, and it’s very impressive.

In this post-“Magic Mike” world of ours, it seems you really have to step it up when it comes to your stripteases.


The muscular male stripper rips off his clothes in the sexy new viral video.

Flexing his muscles, he first removes his water-soaked t-shirt.

After struggling to throw that onto the boat, he recovers and begins to remove his jeans.

Somehow, while balancing on skis and moving at speed across a body of water, he manages to disrobe from his soaking trousers to reveal striped speedos.

Who is the stripping water skier?

At this time, the stripping water skier remain anonymous.

However, 45,000 viewers watched the video since posted on the quite NSFW Instagram account @Ugly_Guys_Club last month. It then also went viral on Facebook this week.

After stripping off his shirt, and slam dunking it back into the boat, he then manages to twirl his pants above his head after removing them.

The video, now deleted on Instagram, fortunately showed up on YouTube.

Watch the video below:

Remi Gaillard and his viral videos

Nude stunts seem to be all the rage with Frenchman Remi Gaillard releasing a prank video in which he impersonates a road side worker. In the video Remi operates a whipper snipper, wearing the recommended hi-vis vest and safety goggles, but no clothing on his lower body.

Remi has a sizeable reputation for stunts in his native France. He pulls pranks like invading body-building competitions, and attempting to compete with his less than stellar body.


His YouTube channel features videos of his various stunts and run ins with the police.

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