Rocky Horror Remake Laverne Cox as Frank N Furter

US TV network FOX has finally given the world their first sneak peek at the upcoming remake of the 1975 camp classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The 30-second preview of two-hour television event features transgender actress Laverne Cox as the legendary Dr Frank N. Furter, the mad transvestite alien scientist who build a man, Rocky in his lab.

“I get tweets from people, ‘Please don’t f–k up Rocky Horror Picture Show!’ ” Laverne laughed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly last week.

“I showed my brother pictures of me in character and he was like, ‘You were preparing your whole life for this.’”

Laverne explained that the remake is the creators’ fresh take on the original, which is why her new Dr Frank N. Furter looks like the love child of Grace Jones and David Bowie.

Laverne Cox in Rocky Horror Remake-min
She also admitted she was anxious about how she is going to adapt her low voice to the high-pitched voice of Frank N. Furter.

“When I started training again last year, I started working my chest voice,” she told Entertainment Weekly.

“But it’s been wonderful claiming my chest voice. It’s been really healing.”

Rocky Horror Remake Brad and Janet at the Door

Laverne Cox stars alongside Ryan McArtan and Victoria Justice, as stranded couple Brad and Janet. The re-imagining of the cult movie will also star Christina Milian as Magenta and Adam Lambert as Eddie.

The Rocky Horror remake is set to air in the US this Halloween.

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