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Joel Creasey Real Housewives Music Video
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After countless TV appearances and becoming a fixture on Australian radio, Joel Creasey has taken a turn in the music scene. 

As an avid Real Housewives fan, he’s released his first song. 

If it’s got you a little puzzled, the song is a tribute to the Real Housewives franchise.

In particular, in honour of their new show The Real Housewives Girls Trip.

Joel sat down with Michael James to explain just what this video is all about.

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“Has Joel Creasey lost his mind? What is he up to? You decide.”

Singing is probably the last thing you would expect from Joel Creasey.

We know he’s funny and talented for sure, his very own musical debut was certainly a little left of centre.

“I think people have been desperate for me to get into the world of music” he laughs.

“Has Joel Creasey lost his mind? What is he up to? You decide.”

In true Joel Creasey style, his musical debut is not what you would expect.

“I am now a fully-fledged recording artist and I thought what better than to go for one of the musical titans.”

“I thought I’d replicate one of the greats. When you think music diva’s, you go, Adele, Celine Dion, Countess Luann from the Real Housewives of New York!”

Chic Cest La Vie is a tribute to a song of the same name released by Real Housewives star Countess Luann in 2011.

“Myself, Martha, Abbie Chatfield and Brandon Scott all thought. You know what? We’ll give our own Aussie spin. We actually had the best time filming it.”

The end result is a camp as all get out, a replica of the over the top and lavish original film clip that will give you a laugh if nothing more.

“We got Luann’s tick of approval so we were very thrilled” Joel gushes.

But why?

“I’m a mad Real Housewives fan. It’s one of those shows that got me through lockdown.”

“I love reality TV. I’m a proud lover of reality TV. I’ve done reality TV.”

“It’s one of those shows you can put on and it’s not too serious. It’s not like Handmaids Tale of Squid Game in the middle of lockdown.”

Check out the full clip on his Instagram below and read on for more.


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The Real Housewives Girls Trip: “It’s fun, it’s ridiculous!”

Part of his motivation for creating this song comes from the release of the newest show in the Real Housewives franchise.

The Real Housewives Girls Trip is set to be like an all-star version of the series.

Of course, it features the one and only Countess Luann.

“You couldn’t have explained it better. The Real Housewives Girls Trip is Real Housewives from New York, Atlanta, New Jersey and Beverly Hills.”

The series will focus on these seven larger than life personalities and they head off on the road together.

“It’s seven of the biggest Housewives from those seasons.”

“It’s fun, it’s ridiculous and it just makes me want a trip away with my friends because we get into similar arguments and wear equally as ridiculous outfits.”

As a mad fan of all of the seasons, it’s hard for Joel to pick a favourite, aside from the obvious.

“Obviously Countess Luann. She’s my musical hero. But I do also really like Kyle Richards from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

The series is available to stream on Hayu in Australia.

What’s next for Joel Creasey?

With lockdown lifting, Joel has crossed the border and is back working in person with his radio team on the Kate, Tim & Joel show.

But is there any more music in his future?

“After you hear my vocal chops you’ll see that they really are splendid you know?”

“I might take on an easy song next like My Heart Will Go On or just a big power ballad I think.”

“Once you hear my amazing nasal twang you know that it’s ready for it. I’m prepared.”

You can watch the full chat with Michael James and Joel Creasey below.

Take a look at the original by Countess Luann below, how does Joel hold up?

You can catch the Real Housewives Road Trip on Hayu in Australia.

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