Get Great Glutes With The Help Of These Scottish Kilted Coaches

Scotsmen Stephen Clarke and Rab Shields are the hunky Kilted Coaches, and they entertain their thousands of YouTube subscribers with their workout videos.Kilted Coaches

The hunky Kilted Coaches, and they entertain their thousands of YouTube subscribers with their workout videos.

Watch Scotsmen Stephen Clarke and Rab Shields, ‘How To Get Great Glutes…’

How To Get Great Glutes with these 3 Simple Exercises. This video showcases the secret to getting and maintaining great glutes. First off you need to pre activate the glutes with the exercises shown in this video and then you will maximise your workout potential with the following three movements.

This video, once our most popular video, Unfortunately flagged for nudity.

Now edited and modify therefore all could still benefit from the exercises.

Upon request, going to do a glute workout.  First and foremost, you need to pre-activate the glutes.  Its all about the mind muscle connection.  Without that, it doesn’t matter how many squats and lunges you do, you will just not make that connection.  This is an issue that football players, sprinters if the run predominantly with their quads, these are some sneaky moves you can use to really get the glutes working.


Simply squeeze the glutes to pre-activate them.

The different ways of doing this, basically thrust your hips forward and it will lock out.

You can also do a glute bridge, wiring the glutes and the brain together.

Once the muscles are activated then after any leg movement/exercise is done, you should always be able to feel it working in the glutes.

First exercise is walking lunges – depending on how fit you are will depend on how deep you go into that lunge.  You can always add weight to this if you are more advanced.

Second exercise is the classic squat – always push form your heel.

Third exercise being the Romanian dead lift.



Watch the Kilted Coaches’ video below:


And in their newest video, the pair show us how to get great glutes with an intense workout routine.


Stephen Clarke and Rab Shields are Life Coaches, Nutrition Specialists and Personal Trainers from Perth, Scotland and have spent the last 13 years getting clients fitter, stronger, leaner, healthier and happier.

Observing within the industry extreme dieting, unrealistic training regimes and unusually high depression rates they realised that so many people were missing the ‘Health’ in Health & Fitness.

The Kilted Coaches mission is simple. To bring back HEALTH AND HAPPINESS to as many people as possible across the globe.




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