Dolly Parton Tells Christians To Stop Judging LGBT Community

Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton has all the time in the world for her huge LGBT fan base – but little time for judgemental Christians.

In an interview on Larry King Live the country music legend revealed that she often gets pushback from her Christian fans about her LGBT fans.

“I keep saying, ‘If you’re the fine Christian that you think you are, why are you judging people?’” she said.

“That’s God’s job. We’re not God, we’re not judges, we’re supposed to love one another, we’re supposed to not judge.”

Dolly told King she had too much work to do of her own to try and do God’s work too.

“I just think that we should be more loving, more caring. We are who we are,” she said.

“If you’re gay, you’re gay. If you’re straight, you’re straight. And you should be allowed to be how you are and who you are.”

Dolly has been a long-standing figure for the LGBT community and recently teamed up with Kylie Minogue to back a campaign calling for marriage equality in Australia.

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