Cyndi Lauper on 60 Minutes

Gay icon and international treasure Cyndi Lauper just doesn’t understand straight people who oppose marriage equality.

“The straight people – I hung out with them, obviously, I’m straight – they always had a problem,”  Cyndi said in an outtake from her interview with 60 Minutes’ Liz Hayes.

“They always used to say, ‘Oh, [gay people are] so promiscuous!’ Now, they just want monogamy. And the straights have a problem again! ‘That’s weird, why do they want monogamy?'”

“Look to your heart. It’s about love and human rights. People should be able to love who they love, as adults.”

And Cyndi’s message to Australia’s politicians?

“Why don’t you talk to the people that it affects? You might find that your neighbour or your friend that you see day in, day out is affected by not being able to marry their spouse,” she said.

“Why can’t they be just as miserable as we are?”

“It’s about love and human rights” WATCH: Cyndi Lauper wants the Australian Government to hear what she has to say about same-sex marriage.

Posted by 60 Minutes Australia on Monday, February 15, 2016

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