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Chances are if you opened Facebook in the last three years you experienced the screeching ball of profanity, blonde wigs and sexual innuendo that is Christian Hull.

Now Hull has told his story in memoir Leave Me Alone, a no holds barred account of his life and also his rise to fame.

Almost overnight, the radio producer turned internet sensation after amassing a whopping 1,000,000+ followers.

Then, across multiple social media platforms, he turned his fame into a thriving and successful business. It all started with his alter ego ‘Trish,’ the angry and very much over-it mum.

But his empire expanded into stand up comedy, internet novelty products and also pretty much anything he can flog to make a dollar.

Enter Leave Me Alone, the comedian’s debut book. Aggressively honest, Christian tells his story in three parts. Firstly, his childhood, then his journey through his radio career, and of course, his sex life.

Surprisingly, for a man who hates people, Christian recounts a childhood and upbringing as warm as it is kind.

He grew up the eldest of four boys, with the other three all exactly the same age – triplets. That leads to many an entertaining story as Christian fights to maintain the spotlight within his own family.

Laugh out loud moments also litter the memoir and stories literally leap from the page. From the devastating moment his mother returns home with three brothers, to Christian’s later fascination with the local flasher, nothing is off-limits.

Watch our chat with the hilarious Christian Hull below:


Most interesting in Christian Hill’s memoir is his journey from Christian to Trish. Leave Me Alone provides a great insight into what it took to create this character and begin his media adventure.

Christian takes you with him exploring every step of his career and the people that believed in him, from a breakfast radio career that lasted mere weeks to producing radio for some of the country’s biggest stars.

With vulnerability and honesty, Christian Hull provides a unique insight into what it takes to become both a successful radio producer and what it takes to overcome the pain of career failure whilst continuing to forge your own path.

Leave Me Alone hits all the right notes for a light and entertaining read.  And it provides great insight into one of the country’s funniest online talents.

Is it a work of literary genius? No. Will it give you a laugh? Absolutely.

To pick up a signed copy of Christian Hull’s debut book, head to or find a copy at major book retailers.

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