Watch: Charley is ready to compete for her spot at Eurovision 2022

Charley Eurovision Australia Decides 2022

Eurovision: Australia Decides is just around the corner and contestant Charley is ready to compete. 

Charley is one of 11 artists selected to compete at the competition in February. 

Michael James sat down to chat with her about what to expect from her entry.

Charley is ready for Eurovision 2022

Originating from the Gold Coast, Charley is an emerging singer and songwriter now based in Sydney.

Now Charley is gearing up for the most exciting performance of her career, a chance to take the stage at Eurovision 2022.

“It’s so weird that it’s only a month away!” She gushes, “But I’m very very excited!”

Releasing her music and performing in Sydney has prevented the singer from seeing her family in the last two years.

Not only will the competition be an amazing opportunity, but a chance to reunite with her loved ones.

“Having the competition on the Gold Coast is like the best thing ever because I can finally be with my family!”

“I’ve had a lot of musical inspirations”

With two singles already up her sleeve, Charley is a talented songwriter and vocalist making her a force to be reckoned with at Eurovision.

Charley has already released Hard For Me and Arizona, both two dynamic, personal and stylistically different songs.

The difference in styles reflects her broad range of strong female influences in the music industry.

“I’ve had a lot of musical inspirations. I started growing up with Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry and all the pop icons like Ariana Grande.”

“Then as soon as I found Julia Michaels I really felt like I had found my style of writing that I really loved.”

This emotive and personal style was something that resonated with Charley as she was searching for her own style.

“The way that she communicated all of her stories and all of her life experiences through song, it’s very like her hearts on the table there.”

As she continues to develop and grow Charley is still experimenting the styles of music she produces.

“I still dabble in a few different types of genres,” she says.

“That’s why all of my music sounds very different, it’s why Arizona is so different from Hard For Me.”

“That’s why my next song for Eurovision is going to be very different as well.”

What can we expect from Charley at Eurovision: Australia Decides?

I suck at being lonely is the track Charley is soon to release for the Eurovision: Australia Decides competition.

It’s another personal track by the singer.

“This song I wrote two and a half years ago with my friend Jim in LA.”

“It’s all about my past relationship with this person that just kept on ending.”

“He kept on breaking up with me and I would always try and fill the void with someone else. That I would never work for me and I would always end up feeling more lonely.”

“It’s a slower song and then it just builds and builds. Then we have all these live strings on it and it turns into this big orchestral piece at the end.”

With the song nailed, what can we expect to see Charley wearing for her performance?

“The only thing I can tell you is that we’re making it from scratch. I don’t think I’m allowed to tell you anything else!”

“Luckily my friend is a stylist and she’s been asked to do the show with me!”

As the performance date fast approaches Charley is very excited about the competition.

“I haven’t performed on a stage that big before, that’s going to be really cool. It’s like a mini-show for me, it’s like how I want my own show, but just one song.”

You can watch our full interview with Charley below.

Eurovision: Australia Decides will take place on the 25th and 26th of February on the Gold Coast.

The live finale will air on SBS on Saturday 26 February at 7.30pm.

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