Watch: Catherine Tate debuts new show Hard Cell on Netflix

Catherine Tate Hard Cell

British comedian Catherine Tate has launched her latest comedy Hard Cell on Netflix this week.

It’s another venture for Catherine Tate who has continued to see her star rise.

Hard Cell has plenty of laughs and much to offer, but it’s not for everyone.

Catherine Tate stars in Hard Cell

It’s been eighteen years since Catherine Tate debuted her sketch comedy The Catherine Tate Show.

Despite only airing for three seasons, the program has become a cult hit.

The talented comedian drew attention for her ability to play a range of characters.

Each skit consisted of Tate performing as a different hilarious and energetic character.

The show even spawned its most famous character ‘Nan Taylor’ the star of Tate’s latest film The Nan Movie¬†and an international stage show tour.

Harnessing her popular knack for character work Hard Cell features Tate playing a total of six characters.

Much like the work of controversial Australian comedian Chris Lilley, her characters are a mix of high energy characterisation and subtle nuances.

Laura, Ros, Ange, Big Viv, Marco and Ann Marie follow similar familiar styles of Catherine Tates comedy that will keep fans entertained.

However it is a certain style of comedy with it’s own audience, if you aren’t a fan of Tate’s style already, it may not be for you.

Hard Cell serves solid comedy

Set in a women’s prison in England there are many similarities in style between Tate and Chris Lilley.

However, Tate seems to have her finger slightly more on the pulse.

The characters and situations are over the top in just the right manner.

It’s a delicate line to balance in a setting like this, but she seems to find the right balance.

Catherine does fart jokes just as well as she does more nuanced comedy. But her characters don’t quite cross the line in the way that many of Lilley’s have.

The story follows Laura the governor of the prison, placed in the role through nepotism rather than talent.

Much of the story follows her self proclaimed brilliant idea to host a production of West Side Story, staged by the prisoners.

Laura leads the story and ultimately often delivers some of the best and most subtle laughs.

She enlists the talents of former Eastenders star Cheryl Fergison to stage the show, which provides endless entertainment via the inmate’s fascination with the star.

Catherine Tate’s characters

While Laura and first-time inmate Ange are more subtle characters, Tates other personalities are the extreme opposite.

“Big Viv,” Ros and Ann Marie are all larger than life characters and extensions in some ways extensions of former Tate characters.

Meanwhile, prison guard Marco balances between them all, not often landing as many laughs as the others.

Ros loves her “Mammy,” her prison wife “Suds” and her penpal boyfriend who she’s prepared to scam for everything he’s got.

Big Viv is terrifying, unpredictable, loves singing and has a deep affinity with the Kardashians.

Together Catherine Tate assembles a clever array of characters in a short sharp comedy that will provide plenty of laugh out loud moments.

Watch the full trailer for Hard Cell below.

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