WATCH: Cairns’ LGBTI Community Says ‘Yes’ To Marriage Equality

Cairns lgbti

Members and supporters of Cairns’ LBGTI community have filmed a video backing the “yes” vote in the same-sex marriage postal survey.

In the video, shot by the Cairns LGBTI Alliance, locals gather on Cairns’ Trinity Beach to wave supportive signs before they line up to form the word “yes” and unfurl the country’s longest rainbow flag along the coastline.


“We wanted to make something that was really positive and affirming. This is what we aim for in all the actions of the Alliance,” spokesperson Andrew Wheatland said.

“For this video we really wanted to show off our iconic beaches and really showcase that the regional areas in Australia are affected by this vote, not just the ‘gaybourhoods’ of the capital cities.”

Cairns is in the middle of celebrating the Cairns Tropical Pride festival, with its signature Pride Fair Day event to be held on Sunday, October 8. For details, visit their website.

Watch the Cairns LGBTI Alliance’s video on Vimeo here or below:

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