WATCH: Brisbane Queer Web Series ‘Two Weeks’ Just Made Its YouTube Debut

A new queer web series produced by a team of Brisbane filmmakers and actors has made its debut on YouTube.

Both set and filmed in Brisbane, the nine-episode series Two Weeks follows a group of twenty-something LGBTIQ friends as they tackle the big decisions about relationships, friendships, sexuality, and their careers.

The entire series was screened at the Brisbane Queer Film Festival earlier this year, and now the first three episodes are available to watch for free on YouTube.

An avid consumer of online series, Two Weeks creator Mary Duong said she took on the project because of a lack of accurate representation onscreen of the places and situations she grew up in and identified with.

“A big reason for wanting to do the series was to put my experiences and my friends on screen and allowing us to tell our own stories,” she told QNews Magazine.

“I wanted to be able to put my voice out there and to show what it feels like to be someone like me, and to show my city, and my friends and the people that I loved.

“I was watching a lot of queer web series but I felt like I wasn’t seeing that, especially from the Brisbane perspective.”

Duong, a graduate of Griffith University in Brisbane, described Two Weeks as an Aussie take on shows like HBO’s Looking and said the project was the first foray into the medium of the web series.

“A lot of the team behind Two Weeks are the people who went through the Griffith Film School, people I did my undergrad degree and my Masters with,” she said.

“We were already an established team but this was the first time we’d worked together on a series like this. It was a bit like a family coming together.”

To watch the first three episodes of Two Weeks, subscribe to the show’s YouTube channel here.

(Cast and crew group photo by Erin O’Shiel)

Jordan Hirst
Jordan Hirst

Jordan Hirst is an experienced journalist and content creator with a career spanning over a decade at QNews. Since 2012, the Brisbane local has covered an enormous range of topics and subjects in-depth affecting the LGBTIQA+ community, both in Australia and overseas. Today, the Brisbane-based journalist covers everything from current affairs, politics and health to sport and entertainment.

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