Watch: Big Boys, Is this the next Heartstopper?

Dylan Llewellyn Big Boys Heartstopper

With Derry Girls winding up and a long wait til more Heartstopper, Big Boys, starring Dylan Llewellyn, looks to be our next answer to feel good, queer British TV.

Featuring Dylan Llewellyn from Derry Girls, this show has all the hallmarks of another feel good comedy.

And we can’t wait to see it here in Australia.

Big Boys: A heartwarming coming of age story

While Heartstopper focussed on the beautiful love story of Charlie and Nick as they navigate their sexuality, Big Boys takes a different approach.

Still navigating the world of sexuality and self identity, Big Boys instead focuses on the gay/straight best friend relationship.

Based on the life of creator Jack Rooke it follows the story of Jack played by Dylan Llewellyn.

The story is tender, awkward and uplifting as it follows his journey of self discovery.

It’s been two years since Jacks father passed away.

Whilst still in the closet Jack attempts to navigate university life away from home again.

Big Boys follows both the relationship with Jack and his mother Peggy as well as his new best friend Danny.

Danny is the polar opposite to Jack, a loud and brash “lad” but together they end up best mates.

In an interview with Channel 4 Dylan Llewellyn talked candidly about the content of the program.

“It deals with real subjects and real things that happen that need to be addressed like mental health in young people.”

“It’s about young males, in particular, being comfortable in their masculinity and opening up, dealing with loss, not bottling it up.”

“It’s something special and I can’t wait for everyone to see it.”

Big Boys: The life of Jack Rooke

Jack Rooke is previously known for his comedy work in the UK.

When creating Big Boys he wanted to bring together a culmination of content from his previous stage shows that details parts of his own life.

He wanted the show to be “as British as possible, to celebrate the queer haven London can be for people”

In an interview with Yahoo News he talked candidly about the intersection of his real life and the show.

“The most embarrassing moments from the show are the real bits” he laughed.

An incident where he accidentally drank poppers makes it into the show and is sure to bring the laughs.

However the crux of the series is the relationship between Jack and Danny.

It’s a relationship he wrote based on friendships from his real life and one he is most proud of.

“They’re not in competition” he says of Jack and Danny.

“They’re embracing their differences and asking each other what things mean if they don’t understand them.”

“It is reflective of the dynamic I have in most of my real-life friendships.”

Can Big Boys match the success of Heartstopper? We can’t wait to see.

Big Boys is airing on Channel 4 in the UK, a release date for Australia is yet to be set.

Watch the full trailer below.

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  1. David Gadd
    30 May 2022

    Definately not the next heartstoper. This show has as much feeling as a dead Rat. Really the story line is slow and the acting is second rate. Total waste of time to watch. Great if you have a problem sleeping as would easly send you to sleep.

  2. Drew Ward
    8 July 2022

    Could be the next Alt HS IMO.

    I think I enjoyed it better even. Bit more British, understated, and not so much of a lovestory, but great all the same

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