Watch: Bible Basher takes bat to Dollhouse for Jesus

greg locke dollhouse bible basher

Pastor Greg Locke revels in a batshit crazy style of preaching. But he’s outdone himself this time. During a recent sermon, the Tennessee Bible Basher demolished a dollhouse with a Bible-wrapped baseball bat. 

But that was just for starters.

On Tuesday at Locke’s church, his mate Pastor Henry Shaffer told a conference that giving children names that can be shortened to gender-neutral nicknames will lead to them transitioning.🤪

FFS, Henrietta! (We like to call Pastor Shaffer ‘Henrietta’, ‘Henny’ for short… or ‘You Dumb Fck’.)

Pastor Greg Locke

Greg Locke is your typical anti-LGBTQIA+, book-burnin’, Trump lovin’, gun-totin’, January 6 insurrection attendin’ — not to mention — Covid-denying, Man of God.

He hosts book burnings, and occasionally, reenactments of some much-storied crucifixion. And, of course, frantically paces the stage of his tent church threatening to name the witches in his congregation. 🧙🏼🧹

Yep. Batshit crazy.🦇 Puttin’ on a show for Jesus.

In 2022, a brave gay man threw a Bible on the fire and called out “Hail Satan” at a Greg Locke book burning.

Bible Basher?

In his recent sermon, Locke smashed into a Barbie Dream House with a baseball bat with the ‘Good Book’ taped to it. Is that why they call them Bible Bashers?

Locke first read a Bible verse that apparently justified his action. Most readers would be familiar with the particular verse.

“Thou shalt duct-tape a Bible to a sporting implement and demolish a children’s toy.” 😝

Ever the pragmatic evangelist, Locke then pondered the idea of selling replicas of his weapon in the church store.

“So maybe in our Global Vision store, we need to start selling Bible bats in the name of Jesus.”

What can we say but “Jesus H Christ. May God bless you and your dollhouse.”

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  1. Michael
    11 September 2023

    Yeah oh but we are always the sinners!! Right?! Never these truly intolerable abominations! Surely Jesus can’t be their ultimatel hero anyway? Sitting down to associate with the poor & prostitutes, treating or regarding them with consideration. Would surely potentially put Jesus directly in the firing line , from horrendous horror stories like this unkind of cretin that poor fools like him, continually keep on encouraging. lSHAME! SHAME! SHAME! It is for types like this I wished that the Marvel character Ghost Rider was real, and would publicly use his Penance Stare that would revel the shameful nature of their deceptive lying behaviour & violent attitudes, that resets those guys on a whole new path of redemption, to correct their dangerous preachings as a matter of worldwide urgency! Once achieved, I believe we’d no longer have to suffer ‘real men’ like Putin, Trump or Tony Abbot!!!

    11 September 2023

    no seriously what a dumb-ass f#@k head gotta larf this could only happen in amerika lol.

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