Asian Gay Guys Talk Racism on Grindr

US YouTuber Collin Factor and his friend Martin have made a video titled “Not Into Asians,” exposing the racism they’ve experienced on Grindr, a place where it’s unfortunately common to read things like “No Asians, no blacks, no fats, no femmes.”

Collin noticed how being Asian put him in the bizarre situation of coming out twice: the first time as a gay guy and then as an Asian guy.

“If you’re white, it’s never not the norm,” he said.

“What is the issue? It’s like when the Asian guy messages you on Grindr, you’re like, ‘Oh, no, you’re Asian, I’m not going to like you.’ It’s so strange to me.”

His friend Marvin also shares some bad experiences he’s had on the dating app.

“One of my friends who I was talking to at the time [that I was coming out] was just like, ‘Don’t download Grindr, it’s gonna ruin your life.’ And to be honest, it kind of did ruin my life cause I felt really insecure,” he said.

“I think it’s important to meet someone’s needs, but I think it becomes a problem when it’s blatant. Going on Grindr, it’s what you should expect.”

Watch Collin and Martin’s video below:

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