Watch: Amazing Race winners Tim and Rod talk life and their new book

Amazing Race Winners Tim and Rod The Greatest Feeling In The World

In 2019 Tim and Rod won us over when they competed and won The Amazing Race.

As 2021 ends the dynamic duo is releasing their new book, The Greatest Feeling in the world.

The tell-all book highlights the up’s and downs of their childhood and coming out, through to ultimately finding love with each other.

Tim and Rod sat down to chat with Michael James about what to expect from the new book.

“We won The Amazing Race and then we couldn’t go anywhere”

Hot off the heels of winning The Amazing Race Tim and Rod’s lives were set to take a drastic change. 

However, like life for everyone else, everything came grinding to a halt.

“We won a travel adventure show and travel’s like our life so to be locked up for so long it’s been terrible. Obviously, Melbourne and Sydney have got it a lot worse than we did but yeah it’s been really tough and we can’t wait to get away again.”

“We literally raced around the world and then a few weeks later it was like, ‘okay you can’t even leave your house.”

At the time of winning the show, the pair were very recently married and about to embark on a journey that would change their lives.

“We got married in March 2019 and literally like a month or two after that, we were on the race. So to have our wedding and then our honeymoon and then boom straight on the amazing race that’s amazing.”

The two were a first for gay couples on reality TV.

With marriage equality laws only recently passed in Australia, they were the first legally married gay couple to appear on reality TV.

Love and Backlash for Tim and Rod

With such a public image there was always going to be a public reaction.

The responses were both night and day for Tim and Rod.

“Look we get really mixed responses, like a day doesn’t go by that even to this day now that we don’t get at least a vomit emoji on our Instagram.”

However, some of the responses have been much worse.

Its’ been “as bad as people telling us to go and kill ourselves and things like that.”

Whilst there have been those negative detractors, overall their response to the show was positive.

“We were even getting stopped while the show was airing in service stations and at the shops by families, kids and these really stereotypical straight blokey blokes. Saying oh you guys are our favourite, you guys are hilarious we love seeing you guys. So that really like touched our hearts.”

But more than that, it was the people that reached out that really struck a chord.

“We’ve had a whole lot of people reach out through Instagram saying how much seeing us on tv help them come to terms with who they are as a person which just makes us so proud.”

Tim and Rod tell all in The Greatest Feeling in the World

As they prepare to race into 2022 Tim and Rod have released their new book, The Greatest Feeling in the World

The book focuses on the complex ups and downs of their childhood and coming out. But overall they want their presence in the world to be a beacon for LGBTIQA+ youth to look up to.

“One of the main reasons behind us wanting to do this book is just to normalize it [being gay] like growing up we had literally no one that we could look to on the internet or in movies or in tv shows. Definitely not reality shows, that we could relate to so we just want to normalize it and show that we’re literally two best mates in love.”

“If we can just change people’s perspectives about what being gay is and show people that it’s no big deal.”

“We really wanted to delve deep and be very vulnerable about those really dark times”

Life may be great for Tim and Rod now, however, their book focuses on the good and bad of growing up gay.

They wanted to ensure they tell a raw and honest story, to inspire others out there reading it.

“The book’s called The Greatest Feeling in the World and there’s this beautiful love story about it.”

“We really wanted to delve deep and be very vulnerable about those really dark times.”

“The hard times, the terrible coming out, the anxiety, the substance abuse and things like that.”

“Because what we were struggling with internally, that’s not spoken about, it never is.”

“It’s something that’s pushed to the side and people are so afraid to open up and talk about something that they’re struggling with.”

The book deals with plenty of issues.

They detail the oppression of a religious upbringing and the fears of going to hell that comes with it. As well as eating disorders, substance abuse and self-harm.

They are dark places, but real places for Tim and Rod and the journey they took to get to where they are.

“A lot of the issues we talked about in this book our family doesn’t even know about. Well, they do now!”

“But a lot of our closest friends never even knew that we had gone through those issues and those struggles.”

“But if we can help just one person and show them that they’re not alone and there’s someone else who’s gone through the struggles and they’ve seen the light at the end, everything’s worth it.”

Tim and Rod chat to Qnews

Watch below for the full interview with Tim and Rod below.

You can purchase The Greatest Feeling in the World at Big W, Kmart and all good book retailers.


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