Watch: Alaska Thunderfuck talks new music, book & Drag Race Down Under

Alaska Thunderfuck Drag Race Red For Filth

It’s been eight years since Alaska Thunderfuck first appeared on Rupauls Drag Race.

Since returning and winning All-Stars 2 she has become one of the most successful stars of the show.

Alaska recently took the time to chat with Michael James about her new album, her book, and her time on Drag Race.

You can watch the full interview HERE or scroll to the end of this article to watch.

Alaska Thunderfuck on her Drag Race legacy

Alaska certainly made an impact on her first season of Drag Race.

So much so that her eventual return for All-Stars was inevitable.

But coming into season five as the boyfriend of the previous winner was never going to be easy.

“Season five I went in knowing I wasn’t going to win.” She says matter of factly.

“Sharon had just won. I know this show. There’s no realm of reality where they’re going to crown a winner from the same city let alone someone who’s dating the winner from last season.”

“So I went in and just had a good time and enjoyed the process because I knew I wasn’t going to win.”

Sadly her prediction came true and Alaska Thunderfuck walked away a runner-up, but ready to return.

But her return brought added pressure.

“With All-Stars 2 I was like, everyone thinks I’m going to win. So the expectation and the pressure was really high, so it was miserable.” She laughs.

However coming off a show like Drag Race requires grit, determination, and creativity. Since winning, Alaska has released three solo studio albums, countless singles and has toured the world.

But was that all part of the plan?

“I don’t really enjoy planning and I’m not good at it. So I just like to do stuff that interests me. What I love about drag is that you can do a little bit of everything.”

One of the biggest journeys for Alaska has been Lil Poundcake. What became a simple challenge in season five spawned an All-Stars runway and eventual album by the same name.

“A lot of people were tweeting and talking about Lil Pound Cake. So I thought, maybe I’ll make an actual thing out of it.”

So it was that Poundcake became part of her musical legacy.

Alaska Thunderfuck releases Red 4 Filth

The end of 2021 brings Alaska Thundfuck to her fourth studio album, Red 4 Filth.

Like previous album titles, this is a throwback to her days on Drag Race.

The album originating from the fragrance Alaska created to market in episode eight.

“Seson 5 of Drag Race happened ten years ago. Now it’s vintage, it’s throwback” she laughs.

“I love referencing from Drag Race and stuff I’ve done in the past so Red 4 filth was a no-brainer.”

“This is the red era right now. Red is the color of passion and love, so there are songs about relationships and friendship and love.”

Whilst , Anus, Poundcake and Vagina were more self-referential comedies, Red is a celebration of music.

“Vocally it’s really really fun” she says. “It’s been really really challenging. I’ve been taking voice lessons and trying to get my voice in shape.”

Musically it’s definitely a change for Alaska, a celebratory throwback to great music.

“It’s really based in the nineties and early 2000’s, it’s like time traveling too.”

Red 4 Filth is being slowly released via a series of singles.

Earlier last month Alaska released her first single off the album Red, which you can watch below.

This week comes the release of her two-sided single Beautiful (night 4 a) break down/Without your love.

They are now available on all platforms HERE.

My Name’s Yours, What’s Alaska?: A Memoir 

Not content with filling our brains with music, Alaska Thunderfuck has also dropped a book.

We all knew she could read, but girl, we didn’t know she could write too.

My Name’s Yours, What’s Alaska?: A Memoir is the title, of course.

“Doing a book was always part of the plan. I always wanted to do a book, a movie and a made for TV movie. So the opportunity to do the book came about and I was like OK, what sort of book do I want it to be?”

It’s a colourful memoir, not just in the stories, but in the vibrant images that adorn the pages.

This was a labour of love for Alaska to help bring her fans into her world and see everything that shaped who she is.

“It was like a really long therapy session for me. I was going back to really difficult times and going over them again and again. I hope people can learn something from them.”

Outside of the difficult times, it’s also an entertaining and endearing insight into her journey into drag.

“My favourite part of the book is my early drag life. Whether it’s the Blue Moon in Pittsburgh or even before that trying to figure out drag in Los Angeles and completely feeling like an alien. Me just being surrounded by the most gorgeous, the most danciest, fiercest, lip synciest drag queens ever.”

In true Alaska style, it’s a candid exploration of who Alaska Thunderfuck is and what brought her to where she is today.

Drag Race Down Under was really fun to watch!

With Drag Race Down Under having screened earlier this year, it was important to get an expert opinion.

We had to know, just what did Alaska Thunderfuck think of our Aussie queens?

“I thought it was really fun, it was really fun to watch” she gushes.

“I’ve spent so much time in Australia and I thought it’s about ass time there’s a Drag Race Down Under!”

“It was season one, god bless the girls for doing it. The girls are great and the drag is sickening and congratulations to Kita who had such a journey of growth and development on the season. It was great to watch”

While Alaska loved everyone on the show, did she have a stand-out?

“Anita Wig’lit! She was gone too soon! She better come back for All-Stars. I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of her. Bring her back!”

For queens that are looking to apply for the next season, Alaska has this to say.

“Apply for the show. Do it. Be yourself.”

“I know it sounds like a cliche, but don’t try and curate what you think the Ru girl they’re looking for is.”

“Show the ugly weird dumb parts of yourself because those are the things that make you special and make you different from other people. That’s ultimately what they’re looking for is something they haven’t seen before.”

My Name’s Yours, What’s Alaska?: A Memoir will be available for purchase later this year.

Red For Filth is due for release in early 2022.

Listen to Beautiful Night (night 4 a) Breakdown/Without your love HERE.

Watch our full interview with Alaska Thunderfuck and Michael James here.

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