Was Harry’s penis on And Just Like That real or all for show?

Harry Charlotte And Just Like That Penis

And Just Like That fans were surprised by the appearance of Harry’s penis during a recent episode.

During episode eight titled ‘Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered’ Harry and Charlotte show they still have some spark.

In a blink and you’ll miss it moment Charlotte and Harry are caught in the bathroom by their daughter.

Before the camera cuts away Harry is left exposed on-screen.

But with such an impressive sight presented to them, some viewers wondered if it was real?

And Just Like That is serving it full frontal

Over the course of the first six seasons of Sex and the City full-frontal nudity for the men was a no-no.

Despite being treated to the backsides of Steve, Harry, Smith, and various others, they never turned around.

The women, on the other hand, each had their turn putting their breasts on display, except Carrie.

And Just Like That seems intent on bucking some of its previous trends.

Nudity appears to be the new frontier.

Michael Patrick King explains Harry’s penis

Viewers were definitely not disappointed by what Harry was packing.

However, there was speculation that perhaps all may not have been what it seems.

Michael Patrick King, the man behind And Just Like That set the record straight.

While appearing on a recent podcast with The Writers Room he discussed the appearance of Harry’s penis.

“I decided, many people agreed with me, that he would have a substantial penis,” he explained to the hosts.

Also, a clear indication that production was in charge of just what the penis was going to look like.

“Because one of the things that Charlotte says about Harry in Sex And The City is [their] great sex life: that she’s repulsed by it, but she wants him.”

However he was quick to make a point, this isn’t all about size.

“And not that your sex life is dependent on your penis size. But when you’re going to show his penis, let’s make it be something that’s a nice size.”

He then explained that they had in fact used a prosthetic penis for the scene.

The move saved actor Even Handler who plays Harry from having to get his own member out on set.

Including the surprise was something thought out that, something it seems the showrunner knew was long overdue.

“It wasn’t enough for us to have it happen like in other TV shows where you never see the dick,” King concluded.

Want to see the uncensored image?

You know how to use google.

Check out the trailer for the And Just Like That documentary below instead.


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