Why These Rainbow Families Are Going To Canberra

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Next month marks a significant moment for rainbow families from QLD, NSW, VIC, and the ACT.  They are prepared for a crucial journey to Canberra.

Their mission is clear. Advocate for marriage equality directly at Parliament House and urge the government to reconsider its proposed plebiscite on this critical issue.

Rainbow Families

A Gathering for Equality

The Rainbow Families group is actively seeking families passionate about equality to join this pivotal trip to the nation’s capital.

This call to action is for those who envision a more inclusive Australia. They are ready to stand up for the rights and recognition of all families, irrespective of their composition.

This collective effort aims to bring a simple yet powerful message to the forefront of Australian politics. The proposed plebiscite on marriage equality is unnecessary and poses a risk of causing division and harm within the community.

Advocacy and Dialogue

Co-chair Ashley Scott emphasises the group’s opposition to the plebiscite. Highlighting the potential negative impacts on both rainbow families and vulnerable community members. “We elect our politicians to make informed, decisive actions that reflect the interests of all Australians,” Scott states, underscoring the importance of legislative action over a public vote that could exacerbate divisions and endanger lives.

The day’s agenda includes hosting a morning tea with federal MP’s, offering a platform for open and constructive dialogue. The group will also visit undecided politicians and participate in a media conference, reinforcing their stance against the plebiscite and advocating for direct legislative action on marriage equality.

Unity and Celebration

The advocacy trip will not solely focus on formal discussions; it will also include a park play date with rainbow families from the ACT. This gathering symbolises the unity, diversity, and resilience of rainbow families across Australia, serving as a reminder of the real lives and relationships at the heart of this issue.

Scheduled for Tuesday, September 13. the trip represents an opportunity for families to come together to support a common cause. This is taking a day off from work and school to make their voices heard.

Spaces for this significant event are limited, and interested families are encouraged to express their interest as soon as possible. Contact Matt at advocacy@rainbowfamilies.com to be part of this historic movement towards equality and acceptance in Australia.

Join the Movement

In this critical moment for marriage equality in Australia! Rainbow Families invites you to join their journey toward a future where love is recognised and celebrated in all its forms. Together, we can advocate for change and ensure our voices are heard at the highest levels of government. This is more than just a trip to Canberra; it’s a step toward creating a more inclusive and accepting society for everyone.

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