Viral TikTok about Aussie swearing. How f#@%ing bad are you?

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British expat Ryan Frank went viral yesterday with a TikTok vid about Aussie swearing. He expressed surprise at our casual use of profanity. So how bad are we and where do queer Aussies rank?

Scroll down for the TikTok vid.

Ryan Frank posts wry TikToks about the cultural differences he’s noticed in his time in Australia. He gives us the opportunity to view ourselves from a different perspective. And one thing he noticed since he moved Down Under is the Aussie inclination to swear.

“There is something actually wrong with Australians.

“I was at the shop, and this is how the two Aussies greeted each other: ‘Hey John, you f_cking idiot’. ‘Hey Matty, you prick.’

“When I saw this I thought they were going to fight, then I realised it’s actually normal to swear in Australia.”

F_cking right about that!

I admit a partiality to crude language myself. Now some nongs do claim that swearing a lot exposes a lack of vocabulary.

Bullshit. Look at the versatility of the word f_ck. It and its derivatives can function in sentences as verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs and any other f_cking thing.

The word can work in an informal setting as in “What time are Megan and Harry expected for the f_cking piss-up?”

Or a formal setting.

“How the f_ck are you, Your Majesty?”

Queer swearing

I did search desperately to discover any research on queer swearing without any f_cking luck at all. So although almost everyone I know swears like a drunken sailor, I’m also aware some members of our communities despise the practice.

The only research I did find indicates queer people use much the same expressions as our straight counterparts. That unfortunately includes the use of gendered terms as curses. I love swearing but do refrain — when I remember — from gendered terms. I struggle to give up bitch which is such a wonderful expression when used light-heartedly though admittedly inappropriate for harsh use and particularly against women.

However, the misogynist origin of the C word makes it off limits until such time that the word prick carries the same degree of spite. So, until the 12th of Never…

Anyway, how much do you swear and do you need to lift your f_cking game?

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