Viral Queer TikToker in polyamorous 8-person relationship

Polyamorous queer tiktoker

A queer TikToker went viral earlier this month with an explanation of her 8-person polyamorous relationship. Anna describes the relationship as a ‘polycule or constellation — because it looks like a molecule or constellation’.

Really? But there’s only eight of you? That’s just not trying. Kids are indeed underachievers these days.

However, the relationship linkages are a little complicated. So, let me take a deep breath and see if I can describe the lot in one sentence.

Scroll down for the video.

Anna is married to Jake while simultaneously dating a person of yet-to-be-determined gender called Spencer in addition to Ellie whose platonic life partner Izzy is also casually seeing the aforementioned Spencer…

No, sorry. I had to stop and breathe.

To continue… Meanwhile, Jake also dates Rocket who uses he/they pronouns and enjoys both a long-term relationship with his girlfriend and a queerplatonic relationship with an as-yet-unnamed partner.

There! Got that?

Personally, I don’t see anything new in all of this. In my youth, pre-TikTok, wet wipes, and indoor plumbing, we just called a situation like this a queer sharehouse. It was nigh impossible to keep up with the cummings and goings or keep track of who was doing who. Well, except for the token gay-friendly straight male uni student every queer sharehouse seemed to possess. Because we always knew who they were doing.


Now, knowing the occasional boomer peruses this fine publication, I remind them to stifle their indignation and remember their own wayward youth. They perhaps take issue with Anna’s polyamorous relationship including Rocket’s unnamed girlfriend and queerplatonic partner. But in my sexual prime, I didn’t always bother learning people’s names either. I just issued them with numbers… NEXT!!!

But anyway, it’s all consenting adult fun — good luck to them.

Anna, the queer TikToker’s explanation

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