Viewers Accuse Channel Ten Of Biphobia After Last Night’s ‘The Bachelor’ Reveal

The Bachelor 2018

Queer viewers have taken to Twitter to blast The Bachelor Australia after its much-hyped reveal last night.

All week, Channel Ten aired breathless promos for the dating show that teasing “an urgent revelation” that would “put everything on the line” and implied it would affect the way bachelor Nick Cummins viewed 23-year-old contestant Brooke Blurton.

What was the “big” secret? On Wednesday night’s episode, Blurton opened up to Cummins about her relationships with two women in the past.

“It’s something big and something you should know,” she told him during a private chat during the cocktail party.

“I’ve had four relationships… one with a guy for three years… but I’ve also had two relationships with women.

“But I’m a big person of who you are, obviously not face value and what you look like.

“For me when I was in those relationships, I looked beyond what they were as female and I really loved for who they were as people.”

She went on to say she doesn’t identify herself as a lesbian or bisexual but as “a big lover of people and who they are.”

After the full week of hype, Nick responded, “I’m so glad that you feel comfortable enough to share that with me.”

He added, “We are just souls inhabiting a body. Trying to find our way. And we work out the direction we actually want to take in the end.”

‘You are excellent and worthy of love’

After the moment aired, Bachelor viewers took to Twitter to congratulate and support Brooke but slammed Channel Ten for their treatment of it in the promos.

“So Brooke likes ladies too? God that’s so minor I literally thought she was going to be like ‘I had an affair with your father’ by the way they built it up,” one person tweeted.

Another reminded the network, “As a bisexual person, I can assure you, our sexuality does not threaten a relationship, it doesn’t mean we will cheat, it doesn’t mean we sleep with anyone with a pulse, it just means we get to order of both sides of the menu… more choice.”

“For a show that promotes polyamory they seem a bit harsh on bisexuality,” another quipped.

One user summed up by writing, “Friendly reminder that your sexuality isn’t a ‘confession’ and you are excellent and worthy of love from whoever you choose to accept it from.”

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