MP celebrates ‘arrival’ of trans daughter in moving post

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Photos: Andy Meddick/Facebook

Victorian MP Andy Meddick has posted a beautiful “birth announcement” on social media celebrating his 25-year-old transgender daughter.

“Both our children are trans and both are perfect,” the independent Animal Justice Party MP tweeted.

“Our eldest Kielan has been on a unique and personal journey that (with permission of course) I’m now proud to share with you all.

“I’d like to announce the arrival of my daughter Kielan, aged 25 years.”

Meddick, who was elected to the Victorian Legislative Council in 2018, explained further on his Facebook page.

“A lot has been going on lately — lockdown, Parliamentary inquiries, fighting the never-ending battles that the animals we share our planet with endure on a daily basis,” he said.

“During all of this, and indeed for years, our eldest Kielan has been on a journey.

“Just like our youngest (Eden), Kielan has been searching for understanding of who they truly are.

“And so now I’m pleased to announce the arrival of my daughter Kielan.

“Your Mum, brother and I are proud of you, we love you. And no I’m not paying your phone bill.”

MP Andy Meddick says we must ‘lift up and support’ trans people

Last year, Meddick delivered an emotional speech to parliament on his support for the Victorian government’s birth certificate reforms.

“Doing all you can, as a parent isn’t anywhere near enough, when the law isn’t on your side – or their side,” he said.

“They are a part of your family, and your community. They deserve the right to stand proudly as who they are, like everyone else, with a legal document.

“We can never move forward with acceptance for trans people unless they can be legally recognised as their true selves.”

Meddick explained his son Eden, who is also trans, had put “a small but powerful note” on his bedroom door reading, “Just a reminder – I am not a girl”.

“I look forward to the day that Eden can take that sign down because people will not care what his gender is, they will not see him as different,” he said.

“We must lift up and support young transgender people, because the rate of self harm and suicide among them is the highest in our community.

“I want each and every child, adult, parent going through this to know, you are not alone.”

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