Victorian man gets death threats from neighbour over ‘rainbow house’

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Photo: Mykey O'Halloran/Instagram

A man who recently moved to Victoria’s Phillip Island has been left shaken but defiant after neighbours allegedly hurled homophobic slurs and death threats over his plans to paint his house in rainbow colours.

Mykey O’Halloran, a professional hair artist, (pictured) moved in to the bungalow on Phillip Island in February. However on Tuesday night (March 16), he heard “aggressive banging” on his front door late that night.

Recounting the incident on Facebook, O’Halloran explained a group of five men confronted him about his plans to paint the exterior of the house in rainbow colours.

“I had five men aggressively banging the front door. One threatened to kill me if I paint my house rainbow and calling me homophobic things,” he said.

“[One] guy introduced himself as the homeowner from across the road. [He] told me his reason for being at my house was to tell me not to paint my house rainbow.”

He alleges the man then told him, “See what happens if you do.”

O’Halloran claimed during the encounter he recorded audio of one of the men hurling homophobic slurs and intimidating threats at him.

“This was my first interaction with the neighbour since moving to the island in February,” he explained.

“I had no words and I totally I went into fight or flight mode, my heart was pounding.

“I stayed relatively calm until he said, ‘If you paint your house rainbow, I will f**kin’ kill ya.’

“A death threat, for choosing the color palette that I want to for the house.”

O’Halloran said he believes the man’s threats “go deeper” than just the rainbow colours.

The alleged homophobic attack left O’Halloran shaken, he explained, and “feeling so invaded, violated [and] threatened in my very own home.”

“I moved to Phillip Island for the peace, having the ocean down the road; a lifestyle change,” he said.

O’Halloran said he is now installing security cameras at the property as soon as he can.

“So if anything happens to the house while I’m away I’ll know about it,” he said.

“Next time if they do anything worse, it will be on camera.

“What’s unfair is that I have to think like this in my own home, based on someone else’s views in 2021.”

Mykey O’Halloran defiant after verbal assault by neighbours in Victoria

Mykey O’Halloran told the Bass Coast News he’d reported the incident on Victoria’s Phillip Island to police.

“I’m so glad the police dealt with [the report] the way they have and have taken it seriously,” he said.

“I’m not moving, and I’m not being bullied out of my own home.

“This house is going to be my pride and joy, my rainbow retreat whether he likes it or not.

“This house will be rainbow, and it will be rainbow with pride.”

Victoria Police Constable William Hodder told the Bass Coast News officers were investigating and hadn’t laid charges yet.

“There’s still further investigations to occur,” Constable Hodder said.

“We know who the [alleged offender] is but we want to make sure we have everything covered off before we lay charges.”

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  1. Peter Turner
    25 March 2021

    Oh for God’s sake!! This is 2021 people. Where do the neighbours get off dictating what colour he paints his house? I have a rainbow flag on my balcony and I have had a tirade of abuse over the years but it is still there. It represents my pride in being a member of the LGBTQI+ community just as his rainbow house will for him. Stand firm Mykey. Paint your house rainbow. the neighbours will tire of their abuse and it looks like the main offender will be prosecuted. Go for it!!!‍‍‍

  2. Lawrence Walker
    14 April 2021

    Totally with you Peter Turner. It’s only every now and then I hear of something like this and it totally floors me that in this day and age there are neanderthals out there like this pack of neighbours mentioned. I’d seriously be shite scared living around such morons. Mongrels like that can be really dangerous. I totally applaud peeps that have the courage to stand up to people like that.

  3. 20 April 2021

    I’m sure I’m going to ease the ire for what I’m about to write.
    1st there is no excuse for that kind of behaviour by those neighbours of his making threats of harm and in the words of one of them a threat to kill, but I also find the victim to be somewhat ingenious, his claim to only whant the peace and quiet of the sea air yet wants to paint his cottage that , yes it’s the symbol for the LGBTQI ect community but that doesn’t mean I want to have all that visual pollution ruining my otherwise angry stormy sea view when in fact the victims cottage will more likely be viewed by everyone else as he will be inside looking out to a unobstructed dark foreboding ocean, in fact it wouldn’t matter where it was except for Munchkin Land would it look painfuĺ . Id expect some negative views if i was to paint my house the one colour that calms me down that being black . I’m not saying he deserves what happend , never would I agree to that behaviour, but don’t carry on that you’re minding your own business and only want to be left alone. If you wanted those peaceful attributes then turn down the volume

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