Vegan Rainbow Sandwich: Mark Latham triggered by sanga

mark latham vegan rainbow sandwich

I try occasionally to be an empathetic person. Honestly. Cross fingers and hope to die. But triggered by a f_cking sanga? Yes, indeed. Mark Latham posted to Twitter yesterday to complain about a Vegan Rainbow Sandwich available in the NSW Parliament House.

Now, I must admit that there are two kinds of people I find unbearable conversationalists. Rabid vegans and rabid anti-vegans. Both jump on a pulpit faster than the PM at Hillsong. Luckily, most people are neither and happy to let other people enjoy the diet of their choice within reason.

Of course, few approve of entitled billionaires toasting endangered hummingbirds over an open fire like marshmallows. Or the killing of elephants and other animals in limp pursuit of a hard dick.

But some people feel mighty aggrieved by vegans. Really, they need a large helping of mind your own f_cking business.

And one thing I thought we all agreed on was that veges are good for us. And, according to most experts, even better when we eat a range of coloured vegetables. Believe it or not, some people refer to a range of colours as a… RAINBOW.

But apparently, Mark Latham dislikes this particular sanga.

The Vegan Rainbow Sandwich

The incessant Twitterer (or perhaps Twit) posted a pic of a sandwich containing, according to the listed ingredients: homous, cucumber, carrot, pickled red onion, baby spinach, mint and red and white cabbage.

As you might have guessed, I am not Vegan. But that sounds like a pretty tasty and nutritious sanger. But the ‘Hon. Mark LATHAM, MLC‘ took exception.

“Now served in NSW Parliament House, the Vegan Rainbow Sandwich!!
Mark Webb His/Her/Him/She Cuisine 🤮”

I don’t quite get what he’s on about with the pronouns thing. Perhaps dedicated non-Vegan foodies attribute gender to their sandwiches. Who knows? Anyway, check out the Tweet below and then go about your day knowing that, in the bowels of the NSW Parliament, someone is protecting the world from indoctrination via multi-coloured sandwich ingredients.

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  1. Concerned citizen
    27 March 2022

    He forgot to ‘they, them’

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