Valley venue goes viral for ‘Two very annoying Asians’ slur

two very annoying asians balley venue froth on brunswick
Screenshot: Snapchat

A Fortitude Valley venue went viral for all the wrong reasons yesterday following a social media post from a co-owner. Shay Hayston, from Froth on Brunswick in Fortitude Valley’s California Lane, earlier posted a cafe docket titled ‘Two very annoying Asians’. He also added a caption to the docket. “OMG, I love my staff.”

Social media commenters identified the docket as from Froth on Brunswick.

(Some social media commenters yesterday directed their ire towards another Valley venue, The Stand. QNews notes that The Stand shares space with Froth on Brunswick and Shay Hayston appears to have a stake in both. However, managers and staff of The Stand unequivocally repudiated Shay Hayston’s post and comments. The Stand enjoys a stellar reputation in the community for its promotion of inclusion and diversity.)

The incident highlights the casual racism so often directed at Asians in Australia. This, at a time, when Asian Australians face increased prejudice and discrimination because of ill-conceived perceptions surroundiing the COVID-19 pandemic.

‘Ethnical friends’

Shay Hayston afterwards doubled down in comments to social media users who broached the subject with him.

“Oh, give it a rest. If ya gonna get Nancy, get off my story.”

“Oh, Get a grip. It’s just a joke.”

“I am very multicultural and have a lot of different ethnical friends.”

“I’m done with the gay drama from people like you.”

Two very annoying Asians

two very annoying asians valley venue froth on brunswick
Froth on Brunswick docket

It appears Froth on Brunswick have currently disabled their social media pages.

One media outlet last night reported Hayston describing himself as deeply disappointed and embarrassed by his actions. A spokesperson for the venue reportedly said in an email that there would be no further statements until today, “as we are taking actions to rectify this situation.”

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Queensland Discrimination Law

Acceptance of discrimination and prejudice at times indicates a bigger cultural problem in a particular workplace. Discriminatory practices often develop despite a formal culture and public stance against discrimination, because of the informal workplace culture.

Racial discrimination and prejudice exclude people from wider society by sending a message that they are not equal or welcome.

Queensland law outlaws treating a person with a certain characteristic (such as race, sex or sexuality) less favourably than a person without that characteristic in similar circumstances.

It is illegal in Queensland to discriminate against a person when supplying goods and services.

Queenslanders who wish to report racism or make a complaint can contact the Queensland Human Rights Commission.

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  1. Romel
    4 April 2021

    With all the hate crime against Asians ATM, why would you write something like this. This Asian people are keeping your business afloat you should be absolutely ashamed of your staff and you should be charge with supporting racism. We will never be back and hope you pay the price!

    • Calum
      4 April 2021

      What hate crimes against Asians? Do you mean those hate crimes being committed by black people against Asians in the USA? Mate, Australia isn’t America. Or do you mean the sex-crazed weirdo who shot up a massage parlour, an attack that although evil and despicable was one NOT based on race? Or the way that an Asian man shot dead 10 white people in Colorado a week later, and nobody dared raise his or their race about it? Regardless, this is an appalling thing to say. We see comments like this too about white men, such as “stale, pale, and male” as a reason for people to lose their jobs. None of it is acceptable. You should NEVER discriminate or judge based on immutable characteristics.
      The Left has to learn that racism is evil, no matter how it’s presented or from whom it comes, and as a resident of Brisbane, I do not want to see my anti-Asian, anti-White, anti-Aboriginal, anti-Women, anti-Men, anti-Trans, ant-Gay, anti-Straight, anti-Anyone attitudes taking hold.

      • Calum
        4 April 2021

        “… see my anti-Asian …” I was going to say “my friends subjected to …”
        I don’t judge based on what you can’t change. I judge based on the way you treat others.

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