US Survivor debuts queerest cast ever for season 42

Survivor Season 42

As they prepare to launch their 42nd season Survivor has debuted their latest cast ready to fight for a million dollars.

And this cast is the queerest in the show’s history.

Featuring 5 openly LGBTQIA+ contestants it’s the most of any US Survivor season.

A new era for Survivor

2021 saw the damn of a new era for Survivor in the USA.

After 40 seasons the show had continued to evolve, but many things had remained stagnant.

Representation had become a sticking point for the program.

In response to pressure from former contestants, CBS vowed all future seasons would feature at least 50% people of colour in the cast.

The result saw the most diverse cast year for the US Season 41 premiere in 2021.

Going one step further, in a nod to inclusivity host Jeff Probst vowed to remove the use of the term “guys” from the show.

Season 42 will now feature 5 openly LGBTQIA+ contestants, including the first-ever out transgender contestant.

Jackson Fox: The first openly transgender Survivor contestant

Jackson will feature as the first openly transgender contestant in the show’s history.

Prior to season 42, there has only been one transgender contestant to appear.

Zeke Smith appeared in both US seasons 33 and 34 of the program but did not disclose their gender history at the time.

Unfortunately, Zeke was famously outed by fellow contestant Jeff Varner during a heated tribal council in season 34.

It was an unpleasant moment in the show’s history that fans have never forgotten.

Hopefully, season 42 will offer a chance for Survivor to better represent transgender contestants.

Jackson revealed in his introduction video that he wants his transgender story to be part of this time on the show.

“Because it made me who I am” he stated.

Jackson came out later in life, at 40 years old, in a southern baptist town.

It’s a challenge Jackson thinks will help him during his time on the show.

“I think if I can go through that kind of a transition, I can definitely do Survivor.”

Five Queer contenders for the prize

In the history of Survivor, there have only ever been two openly queer winners, both gay men.

The debut season was wonby the infamous Richard Hatch, known for getting naked around camp.

Fourteen seasons later gay Mormon flight attendant Todd Herzog took home the million dollars.

Season 42 could be the year we get another queer winner.

Hai, Chanelle, Lydia, and Romeo will join Jackson in their quest for the million-dollar prize.

If any of these fab five do take home the prize it will be a first for the series.

US Survivor has never seen a queer female, queer person of colour, or trans person win the series.

Let’s hope this will be another year of firsts.

Watch the trailer for Survivor season 42 below.

Season 42 will debut on March 10.

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