US man arrested for threatening to attack Pride March ‘worse than Pulse’

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Image: ABC7 News, Bohemian Baltimore/Creative Commons

US man Robert Fehring has been accused of years of homophobic threats, including attacking New York City’s 2021 Pride March with “firepower” that would make the Orlando Pulse Nightclub shooting “look like a cakewalk.”

Fehring (pictured above left) from Long Island allegedly sent at least 60 letters over eight years threatening to assault, shoot and bomb LGBTIQ individuals, organisations and businesses.

Police and the FBI arrested the 74-year-old on Monday (US time) and later released him into home detention.

Fehring has allegedly sent the homophobic, threatening letters since at least 2013, according to court documents.

He sent a letter threatening the New York City Pride March, claiming there would “be radio-cont[r]olled devices placed at numerous strategic places.”

“This will make the 2016 Orlando Pulse Nightclub shooting look like a cakewalk,” he wrote. The Pulse Nightclub massacre left 49 people dead and dozens wounded.

Police searched Fehring’s home last month and found two loaded shotguns, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, a machete and two stun guns. They also found photos from New York City’s 2021 Pride March.

Fehring also allegedly threatened to murder the organiser of the Pride event and his partner.

“[W]e were right there you… FREAK!!! They couldn’t get a shot off at you, slithering around the back stage area like a snake. Too many cops. Very disappointed,” one letter read.

“But your time has come. … They are out to KILL you… and your boyfriend. You are being watched.

“No matter how long it takes, you will be taken out… high-powered bullet… bomb… knife… whatever it takes.”

Robert Fehring faces prison if convicted over sick threats

Robert Fehring is now in home detention with location monitoring, and is not permitted to have firearms or other destructive devices.

He is also not permitted to have contact with any victims and may not go to certain locations he threatened.

“As alleged, the defendant’s hate-filled invective and threats of violence directed at members of the LGBTQ community have no place in our society and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” United States Attorney Breon Peace said.

FBI Assistant Director-in-Charge Michael Driscoll said the agency “takes all threats of this nature seriously.”

“Fehring’s alleged threats to members of the LGBTQ+ community were not only appalling, but dangerous, despite the fact he hadn’t yet acted on his purported intentions,” he said.

New York LGBT Network president David Kilmnick received some of Fehring’s threats. He said police should have arrested Fehring earlier and should not have bailed the man.

“There is no reason why we had to live through this fear and anxiety for the past eight years,” he told The New York Times.

Robert Fehring reportedly faces five years in prison if convicted.

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