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Drag Storytime confrontation at Brisbane Square Library

Earlier today, members of the University of Queensland’s UQ Liberal National Club disrupted Drag Storytime at Brisbane Square Library. The group’s intrusion and loud chanting distressed children and infants in attendance at the Rainbow Families Qld event.

Update: Statement from Councillor Vicki Howard, Central Ward: “The group that staged this protest have no affiliation with the LNP and the actions of this small group of narrow-minded individuals is appalling.” (More below)

Statement from Trevor Evans MP: “The ratbags are not members of the LNP but they claimed to be… The ratbags who protested the event wouldn’t know liberal values if they fell over them.”

Eyewitnesses told QNews that the group initially entered the room chanting angrily. Parents in attendance then walked them outside where they remained until moved on by security.

“As the event was winding down with some craft-cutting out paper angels and drawing with pencils and crayons, a group over around 20 protesters entered the room with angry chants of “drag queens are not for kids” surrounding the craft tables. …walked outside of the room quickly by the parents attending the event, they continued to chant loudly from the adjoining room.”

UQ Liberal National Club


The UQ Liberal National Club described their action as taking “a stand to defend LNP values.”

Further, they attacked LNP councillors on Brisbane City Council for the event.

“SHAME on the Brisbane City Council for sponsoring this event… Brisbane City Council is supposed to be in the hands of the LNP.”

UQ Liberal National Club describes Drag Storytime on their Facebook page as ‘moral filth’. Further, they refer to the two drag performers as ‘sick individuals’.

The page describes performer Queenie (Johnny Valkyrie) as “organising protests against the Liberal-National Religious Freedom Bill.”

Johnny Valkyrie is indeed co-organiser of the “Kill the Bill” rally scheduled for Speakers Corner outside state parliament on 18 January. The “Kill the Bill’ rally will take place in a public space designed for the public airing of opinions.

The page describes the other entertainer Diamond as an ‘adult industry award winner’. Indeed, Diamond won a 2019 Adult Industry Award for… performing drag shows!

The very noisy UQ Liberal National Club claim ‘Scott Morrison’s quiet Australians’ would agree hiring drag queens does not align with LNP values.

Rainbow Families Qld drag storytime

Rainbow Families Qld and Brisbane City Council Libraries organise the drag queen storytime events at the Brisbane Square Library. They design the events as celebrations of diverse families. Previously, the Council and Rainbow Families held four similar events over the past two years.

Holly Zwalf from Rainbow Families Qld said both drag queen storytellers hold Blue Cards. The organisation also provides full training to the storytellers to ensure a child-appropriate event.

Children attending the event sing, dance, read and also do craft.

Rainbow Families Qld issued a statement following the protest.

They said they “deeply regret that the actions of a handful of people caused our children to feel unsafe.”

They also ask that anyone with footage of the event or anyone willing to make a witness statement contact them at

Holly said, “Love makes a family. There’s no room for hate in our hearts.”

Councillor Vicki Howard

Councillor Vicki Howard told QNews:

“Every family is different. Brisbane City Council acknowledges this fact and celebrates our different cultures, lifestyles, race or religion and includes everyone when it comes to staging events.

“Rainbow Families Qld is a fantastic community organisation that provides support to families from the LGBTIQ communities.

“Staging this event reflects the values of Brisbane City Council… of inclusion, tolerance, diversity and also a celebration of all members of our Brisbane community.

“The group that staged this protest today has no affiliation with the LNP and the actions of this small group of narrow-minded individuals is appalling.

“The small group of people involved in this completely inappropriate display do not in any way represent how we as a Council and the LNP feels.

“They are not part of the LNP.”

Correction: Article updated to reflect that the LNP indeed holds no affiliation with the UQ Liberal National Party. Indeed, sources tell QNews the party previously expelled both the president and vice president of the group. Cease and desist letters sent by the LNP went unacknowledged.

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