Uganda gay activist Steven Kabuye speaks out after stabbing

Ugandan activist Steven Kabuye speaks out after stabbing
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Ugandan LGBTIQA+ rights advocate Steven Kabuye has bravely spoken out after he was stabbed by unknown assailants, vowing to “come back stronger” and continue his activism.

Steven Kabuye is the executive director of a local advocacy group Colored Voice Truth to LGBTQ.

Last week, two unidentified attackers on a motorcycle tried to stab Kabuye in the neck in Ugandan capital Kampala. When the man tried to shield himself, the attackers stabbed him in the right arm and stomach and left him for dead.

Kabuye posted a video to Twitter X following the violent attack that showed him on the ground with horrific injuries.

The activist has now bravely spoken out, criticising politicians and religious leaders for stoking a climate of hateful anti-LGBTQ intolerance in the country.

“Politicians are using the LGBTQ+ community as a scapegoat to move people away from what is really happening in the country,” Steven told the Associated Press from hospital.

The activist is no longer in Uganda. Steven said he feared for his life and believed his unidentified attackers were trying to murder him.

“I don’t know who to trust right now,” he said.

Uganda passed brutal laws targeting queer communities

Last year, Steven Kabuye was forced into exile in Kenya after the Ugandan government introduced horrifying new laws targeting LGBTIQA+ people.

Uganda has outlawed homosexuality for many years, under colonial-era laws still on the books.

However last year politicians approved the use of even more brutal laws, including the death penalty for so-called “aggravated homosexuality” as well as new 20-year prison sentences for those found “promoting homosexuality”.

The laws were widely criticised worldwide and sparked sanctions at the time.

Inside Uganda, targeted attacks and harassment of queer Ugandans by civilians and police have spiked since then, activists warn.

“This law violates basic human rights and sets a dangerous precedent for discrimination and persecution against the LGBTQ+ community. Let us stand together in solidarity and fight against bigotry and hate,” Steven wrote online last year.

As he recovers from the horrific attack, Steven Kabuye told the Washington Blade, “I’m not going to back down and I’m going to continue with my activism the moment I’m back on my feet. I’m going to come back stronger.”

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