Uber Marks Valentine’s Day By Calling For Rainbow Heart Emoji

Photo: Uber.

Uber has chosen an inclusive heart as the symbol for a Valentine’s Day campaign in India to recognise the Indian Supreme Court’s ruling to decriminalize gay sex in the country.

The transport service provider also added a rainbow background to its route map.

The company announced the inclusive gesture via Twitter, urging everyone to express support by using a rainbow heart emoji.

“Let’s celebrate our first Valentine’s Day for all with a symbol everyone can embrace,” Uber India tweeted.

“It’s time for an inclusive heart that celebrates the many shades of love.”

Aside from newspaper advertisements, Uber also started an online petition for a rainbow heart “to give inclusive love an expression.”

The company added the hashtag #lovemovesforward and later tagged Instagram requesting for a rainbow heart to be added in their icons as well.

“Hey @instagram, we love your hearts with all of ours. Maybe it’s time for an inclusive symbol of love! Let’s come together to get a permanent Pride Heart emoji,” they wrote.

This move was greeted with overflowing positive reactions, but a few questioned Uber’s contribution to help the LGBT community in India.

“Funny lol. What anti-discrimination policies for LGBTQ people do you have in your company – for employees/drivers? and for safety of lgbt passengers? tell us that first,” one person tweeted.

But another user wrote “Thank you Uber India for recognizing Valentine’s day. All persons from all races and religions Even atheists have right to love and be loved!!”

At the time of writing, over 6,000 supporters had signed up for the Change.org petition and the numbers are continuing to grow.

In September last year, the country’s highest court ruled Section 377 of their Penal Code, banning gay sex, was unconstitutional in a major win for the country’s LGBTIQ community.

The now defunct law punished those convicted with prison terms of up to 10 years.

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