Two of the drag monsters on Dragula have coupled up

Niohuru X and Orkgotik from Dragula season 5
Image: Instagram

Two of the drag monsters on the fifth season of The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula have coupled up, and it’s very sweet.

The fifth season of the drag competition show – which brings filth, horror and glamour to the drag runway – is screening in Australia on horror-themed streaming service Shudder.

All season long, Dragula fans have lapped up the chemistry between two of the season’s standout contestants: Niohuru X and Orkgotik.

Niohuru X is Chinese and based in Los Angeles, and Orkgotik is from Argentina.

They’ve been spotted snuggling on Instagram but in episode eight this week, the pair shared a private moment together.

In the very sweet scene, the pair discussed dealing with their feelings for each other in the middle of the intense competition.

Orkgotik gifted Niohuru a prosthetic mask he was wearing during their first kiss. Niohuru gave Orkgotik a 3D-printed heart necklace.

Ork told Nio he had no home to return to in Argentina, to which Niohuru replied, “You have a home in Los Angeles.”

“We have to focus on the competition, but I’m thinking about you all the time,” she told him.

“I don’t know what’s gonna happen after this. But I know the universe will find a plan for us and we’re gonna do great, great things.”

Right now, Orkgotik’s Instagram bio says he’s “temporarily based in Los Angeles, California.”

Niohuru X and Orkgotik’s couple photo

After this week’s Dragula episode dropped, Niohuru also posted a photo of she and Orkgotik together as well as a meme created by a fan.

“Real life Gomez and Morticia Addams,” a fan commented.

“You two are my roman empire,” another wrote.

Dragula is streaming in Australia on Shudder

The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula is midway through its fifth season on horror streaming service Shudder. Earlier this month Shudder renewed the show for season six.

Each episode, the show’s drag artists create glamorous/ghoulish runway looks following a theme and serving the show’s principles of drag, filth, horror, and glamour.

Dragula famously eliminates contestants through hair-raising and violent “exterminations” to stay in the competition.

The fifth season cast re competing for a $100,000 prize and the title of World’s Next Drag Supermonster. The season 5 finale is on January 16.

Dragula is streaming in Australia on Shudder.

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  1. Sad Sack
    20 December 2023

    Christ! Where do they live? Area 51?

  2. Razorfingers
    10 January 2024

    It’s too bad that they can’t stand each other….at least it looks that way from everyone has seen on episode 9…The Reunion. With the 2 things that were said between them…..they both fired shots at each other. I really thought they would last and do great things together ? I hope they can patch things up and at least be friends. I’m still rooting for either one to win the competition bc they’re both brilliant drag Super Monsters !!!

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