Two more boys make accusations against George Pell

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Two more boys have made accusations against George Pell concerning child sexual abuse. Both boys spent part of their childhood in a Catholic orphanage in Ballarat run by the Sisters of Nazareth. They spoke to Sarah Ferguson for the ABC’s groundbreaking three-part documentary series, Revelation.

The final episode of Revelation airs tonight. The series exposes some of criminal priests and brothers of the Catholic Church who exploited vulnerable children in their care.

As the ABC says, “their crimes laid bare for the first time in their own words.”

One boy, known as ‘Bernie’, told Sarah Ferguson that he never came forward as a child, intimidated by Pell’s rise through the ranks of the church.

“Who’s gonna believe a little boy from a home against that conglomerate?”

A previous police investigation into the cardinal resulted in his conviction last year on charges of abusing two choir boys. A High Court decision on Pell’s appeal against that conviction is imminent. During the original investigation, additional allegations against Pell did not proceed.

George Pell showered with boys

Bernie told the ABC, that Pell intruded on him in the shower.

“Before I know it, he’s soaping my genitals … soaping me all over … rubbing his hand up my butt crack and ‘wash there properly’ and all this sort of stuff.

“He was lathering me up and he pulled my foreskin over the head of my penis and that hurt, that really hurt. … he said it’s normal, it won’t hurt as much as the time goes on.”

Another boy from Nazareth House said boys warned each other when Pell attended swimming classes.

“Watch your nuts, watch your nuts.”

Bernie said Pell would hide a 20 cent piece in his togs at swimming class and encourage the child to look for it.

“Your hand would get pushed down there and you’re groping him and fondling him. But I’m not thinking that I’m groping or fondling him, my whole mindset was to try and find the 20 cents.”

Pell also showered naked with the boys.

During Bernie’s preparation for Confirmation in the late seventies, he was told to visit Pell at the local presbytery. Pell asked him to perform some chores in the garden and then insisted he needed a shower.

After Pell joined him in the shower, he attempted to abuse the child. When Bernie fled, Pell gave him a $1 note and told him “not to tell a soul” about doing “work” at the presbytery.

The final episode of Revelation is on ABC TV tonight at 8.30pm or on iview.

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