Twitter goes festive wishing all a Merry Impeachmas


The twitterati went impeachment crazy earlier today as tweets conflated Donald Trump’s impeachment with the Christmas season. Indeed, all across the land of the free, Merry Impeachmas tweets rang out.

Along with photos of impromptu street gatherings to call for impeachment, tweeters also tweeted impeachmas cards and impeachmas carols.


Above all others, The Twelfth Day of Impeachmas proved most popular.

On the 12th day of #Impeachmas
my Congress gave to me:
12 Criers Crying,
11 Whiners Whining,
10 Liars a Lying,
9 Louie’s Ramblings,
8 Gaetz a Drinking,
7 Freaks a Freaking,
6 Wimps a Trembling,
5 Donald Tweets,
4 Shouting Dougs,
3 Dense Men,
2 Crazy Bluffs,
and a dotard being impeached.

Some, of course, worried about the choice of an appropriate greeting.

Of course, Impeachment vodka is a must

Of course, corporate America is no slouch at jumping in where there’s a dollar to be made. Before you could say Orange Cheeto Jesus, Absolut Vodka jumped on the impeachment wagon in an attempt to make one of their products the official drink of the celebration.

Some people decided to DIY their celebratory drinks, however. As the president previously showed us, who needs facts when you have a sharpie.

Impeachmas Cards

But, not content with the head of the new Messiah, some tweeters went after Santa’s little helpers as well. Of course, you can’t forget the enablers! Perhaps our government will make room at Villawood or on Manus Island for when the Trump family seek asylum.


Meanwhile, Americans the length and breadth of the country turned out for impeachmas vigils and protests on Impeachmas Eve. Indeed, apparently even Santa supports impeachment.

Despite his outrage, Trump is third President Impeached

Trump, of course, is not the first president to be impeached. Previously, Bill Clinton and Andrew Jackson suffered the same indignity. Even during the course of such a momentous day, some paused to pay lip service to that history.

Nevertheless, it is yet to be seen how impeachment plays out. Of course, Trump is the most unpredictable president ever, unbound by normal convention and any notion of civility.

Indeed, even in Australia, devotees refuse to acknowledge any failing on the part of the US president and slavishly worship the man.

All we can do is wait and watch from afar as much of our world goes up in flames and all our little Neros fiddle while Rome burns.

However, what will be will be — Merry Impeachmas.

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