Twitter finally cracks down on groomer as queer slur

Groomer queer slur
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Better late than never, Twitter has finally cracked down on the use of groomer as a queer slur. The particularly vile slur implies a link between LGBTIQA+ people and pedophilia.

Right-wing haters attack everyone from trans activists to opponents of anti-LGBTIQA+ legislation to trans activists as groomers.

Of late, the term became a common slur against trans and non-binary people. Bigots equate allowing children to live as their authentic selves and speak to their own identity with molestation.

That is hateful to the targetted minorities and disrespectful of the very real issue of genuine child abuse.

As Nora Reed tweeted, the use of groomer as a queer slur makes the discussion of actual grooming difficult.

And sadly, as ‘Jacqueline the woke moralist’ tweeted, a pastor who attacked trans people online as groomers, was himself found guilty of child rape.

Reddit, TikTok, and Meta (Facebook and Instagram’s parent company) all recently confirmed bans on baselessly referring to LGBTIQA+ people or communities as groomers.

However, many believe Twitter allows a proliferation of hate speech. Despite the company’s ban, enforcement appears lax.

QNews searched through Twitter and — despite the policy — found numerous examples of hateful accounts slurring individuals and groups in our communities as groomers. Online moderation is difficult. We have had to delete and ban profiles for using the term on our own social media. But it needs doing. This slur causes real-world harm.

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