Sky News Australia’s Rowan Dean claims Pride Month is like “fascism”

Rowan Dean has taken to Sky News to claim Pride Month is about turning children trans and Fascism
Rowan Dean has taken to Sky News to claim Pride Month is about turning children trans and Fascism

Sky News After Dark host Rowan Dean has turned to the airwaves to claim that Pride Month is actually about corporate America trying to turn children transgender and that Fascism is actually a left wing ideology.

On the June 4 broadcast of Outsiders on Sky News Australia, Dean repeatedly claimed that the Progress Pride Flag was actually a transgender flag, after spruiking tickets for Donald Trump Jr’s upcoming tour of Australia.

Dean claimed US investment house JP Morgan had downgraded retail giant Target’s stock over its support for Pride Month and that other American corporate giants would also be punished for pushing a woke LGBTIQA+ agenda.

“Walmart, the major American retailer, are selling a whole raft of LGBTQ stuff including, apparently, a breathable chest binder aimed at trans, lesbian, and tomboys,” Dean claimed.

“The binder offered online features pictures of a young girl modeling the product. Chest binders are of course the first step in the transgender journey for girls to become boys.”

An ‘onslaught of trans propaganda’ says Rowan Dean

Dean then repeatedly misidentified the Pride Progress flag as a transgender flag.

“This transgender flag … is advocating and promoting that agenda,” Dean said,

“That’s not the old rainbow flag of the LGB lot that we all voted for in same-sex marriage [sic]. That’s the transgender flag. You might think that it’s terrific or you might not but just be clear what it actually means and stands for.”

Dean then claimed this was all part of an “onslaught of trans and gay propaganda aimed at children.”

“Yesterday the Washington DC Public Library hosted a pride parade for babies, toddlers, and teens aged zero to eighteen,” Dean complained.

“In Britain, The Sun is reporting on a woke health care center where the doctors ask parents if their newborn babies are trans or non-binary.”

XBox and the rise of fascism

Dean also took aim at XBox’s recent logo change for Pride Month.

“One of the world’s largest corporates, Microsoft … has partnered with one of the world’s most determined LGBT organisations to ensure their ideology permeates every teenage boy’s XBox video games,” Dean warned.

“In the US the Secretary of Defense has jumped on the bandwagon to claim that LGBT troops add to America’s strength … and the US Embassy to the Vatican, to the Holy See, is also flying the transgender flag for the entire month of June.”

“Our cities and schools and corporations and streets and public transport will be festooned with the [pride] flag.”

Dean then compared this to the rise of Fascism in Europe prior to World War II.

“Fans of 20th Century history will know that it was Benito Mussolini, a former Socialist who went on to invent the doctrine of Fascism – in essence, the marriage of authoritarian collectivist politics and big business, which together create an elite ruling power who impose their political ideology upon all of society through big business and the education system,” Dean claimed, “Ring any bells?”

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  1. Michael
    7 June 2023

    The place where he above comes from, calls home & will have anyone & everyone know, they are a legitimate & reasonable voice of rational commonsense ! Are really a Burrow / Den of Ugly Trolls not shy in making their unwarranted existence known. Continually fanning rather foul scented Hot & Cold air, that sadly never shows any sign of thinning out completely, so their immoral influence on society can no longer be the Stand over societal bullies, they can’t get enough of being!

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